Brio Moulds - Design and production of die casting moulds for aluminium and magnesium

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Who we are

Since 1997 excellence in design, manufacture, maintenance and reconditioning of HPDC moulds for aluminium and magnesium alloys. For two generations an absolute commitment to ensure that every single mould is produced perfectly. Passion, flexibility and craftsmanship are the driving force behind the consolidated growth started out as a local enterprise to becoming a recognized partner in the automotive sector. Excellent track record in the production of moulds for all industrial aplications. Providing technical support as well as detailed, accurate and prompt quotations.
Partnership and quality relationship to provide solutions satisfying customers’ manufacturing requirements.
Constant increase of investments in order to achieve the highest production standards.


Mould production for die casting aluminium and magnesium for presses up to 4,500 tonnes. High-quality production of components and parts for high-performance hard-wearing moulds. Turn-key delivery of high-pressure die casting moulds and trimming tools. Lifting system with double hoist up to 48 tonnes. Production inhouse of every component. Sampling and pre-production for equipment testing. Fast prototyping for feasibility checking carried out using the AM process.

Company Info


Via della Foppa, 30
23848 Oggiono

Telephone: +39 0341 210409