IN/GER - Nupur strikes partnership in Germany

India-based Nupur Recyclers to work with HeiTec Rohstoffe GmbH to source European scrap.

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New Delhi-based Nupur Recyclers Ltd. (NRL) says it has entered into “strategy understanding agreement” with Germany-based HeiTec Rohstoffe GmbH designed to “strengthen and grow their metal businesses at the global level.”

The India-based metals recycling firm says, “Nupur Recyclers’ association with HeiTec Rohstoffe will drive [HeiTec’s] business growth nationally as the company sees India as one of the highest potential markets. This partnership integration carries the objective to bring innovation and advancement to the operational capabilities of metal recycling in India.”

NRL describes itself as a leading importer and processor of nonferrous scrap metal that seeks long-term suppliers. NRL lists nonferrous grades it seeks as “shredded zinc scrap, zinc die cast scrap, zurik scrap and aluminum zorba grades.”

HeiTec Rohstoffe is described by NRL as “a leading player in international trade dealing with ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastic scrap, metal-containing residual fractions” and other materials. “HeiTec Rohstoffe has set up a network of suppliers, customers, and partners for all the mentioned materials of any composition, spreading over Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia,” NRL adds.

“The partnership will benefit both the parties at the global level,” NRL founder and Managing Director Rajesh Gupta says. “NRL and HeiTec Rohstoffe through this strategic tie-up for business support, pursuant to which both parties have the responsibility towards each other to outgrow and support the business requirements of each other in all matters including procurement of qualitative raw material at competitive prices.”