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Indutherm continuous casting systems and "Overlapping Casting"

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Indutherm continuous casting systems

High grade semi-finished products for ring production and other jewellery productions
Indutherm’s continuous casting machine series has now been lifted to a new quality level. All three models offering a capacity from 285 ccm up to 3400 ccm are now available as special VCC-versions, equipped with a vacuum melting chamber (pat. pend.).

Melting under vacuum or under an inert gas atmosphere degasses the metal and avoids oxidation processes during melting. This is especially recommended for alloys containing copper such as red gold and silver as these alloys tend to oxide easily: semi-finished products produced under vacuum show a substantially improved quality for further-processing.

Both larger CC versions are optionally available with “QUATTRO DRIVE”. That’s the name of the new drawing unit with four instead of two motor driven feed rolls, which transport material such as wire, sheet or tube down from the melting chamber.

Thanks to smooth transport with reduced pressure, the sheeting and tubes produced this way show nearly none of the otherwise unavoidable marks of transportation. The need of intense post-processing such as polishing is clearly reduced.

Up to 15 flasks per hour with VC 600 and VC 600 V

Program controlled "Overlapping Casting" makes it possible.
As every experienced casting man knows, the metal in the flask should cool down under vacuum for some minutes after casting.

At the program controlled vacuum-pressure casting machines VC 600 and VC 600 V, this time factor is from now on integrated into the automated casting cycle. For the user this means: He gets indicated by display and in addition by an acoustic signal, when the cast flask can be removed and the new flask can be inserted for the next casting. In the meantime the crucible can be filled, the melting chamber can be evacuated and the next charge can be molten.



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