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Innovation of worldwide importance – reisPAD: Robot programming with Tablet-PC

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Touchscreen teach pendant presents virtual operating elements

The reisPAD of Reis Robotics sets new standards in programming and operation of robots. On the Automatica, Reis will present the new control generation ROBOTstar-VI with the innovative portable teach pendant reisPAD in tablet format. The programmer now only operates with a user interface without mechanical and electrical operating elements. Intuitive operation will become possible by innovative, haptic elements at the edge of the screen. A large, scratch-resistant 10.4" Multi-Touch display, low weight, BalancedUse for right/left operation, sharePAD for use of any number of robots and wirelessTEACH are further highlights of the reisPAD. All functions except for Emergency-Off and permission key can be activated via the touch screen. Furthermore, the operating surface can be adapted specifically to task and system and to the individual demand.   At the same time Reis Robotics always guarantees a safe function of the system by communication with the reis SafetyController proven over many years.

"The innovation is based on an individually configurable user interface without hardware keys - except for emergency-off", Franz Som, Manager Control Development at Reis Robotics, explains. "All permanently required operating elements are placed in the form of a 'C-Frame" on three sides of the screen. Haptic marks on the edge of the case allow to find the positions of those operating elements with one's eyes closed. Operating elements that can be generated depending on the application are mapped on the free side of the C-frame. The operating hierarchy has two levels as a maximum so that the user will always keep the context."

Test series proved that the programming time with the reisPad will be reduced by about 30 percent. The possibility to traverse the robot using virtual scrollbars, trackballs or hand wheels is extraordinary. A reisPAD can be used for a random number of robot controls because it is network-compatible. With wirelessTEACH, Reis Robotics also offers a WLAN version as option. The reisPAD allows to indicate the complete documentation of the system and context-sensitive aids from the network.