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Integrated gas heater for enhanced core production

Mingzhi Technology Explores an Innovative Approach to Heating in Core Making for Improved Efficiency and Environmental Impact

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In core making production, efficient gas heating is crucial for optimizing the core production outcomes across various processes, especially traditional cold box and inorganic methods.  This often involves a connected series of independent gas heating units, which result in energy inefficiency and environmental concerns. Mingzhi Technology seeks to address these challenges through innovative gas heating solutions, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, and safety.

Focusing on the conventional cold box method, core making machine relies on two separate and connected gas heating units, including air and amine-based product gas heaters, connected by pipelines to form a gas generator which emits high temperature gas. This is conducted through a lengthy series of pipelines into the blow hood (blow plate), before finally reaching the core box to complete core curing. However, this setup leads to significant heat loss due to the lengthy transmission distance, resulting in suboptimal production conditions  with respect to the catalyst consumed. Test data shows that when the set temperature of the air heater is 150°C and that of the amine-based product gas heater is 120°C, the inlet temperature of the blow hood (blow plate) can only reach 70°C (heat energy loss around 50%), leading to a series of suboptimal conditions in core production. The low temperature at the inlet of the blow hood (blow plate) creates a poor amine-based product gasification effect, therefore extended blowing time is required for core curing, resulting in low core production efficiency. Countering this, requires increasing the amount of amine-based product, which leads to significant material waste. Furthermore, to achieve a constant high gas temperature, the heater requires greater energy consumption, which is in opposition to energy conservation and environmental protection targets. Additionally, this consequent consumption of amine-based product generates a high concentration of gas emission output creating unhealthy operating conditions.

To address these apparent issues, Mingzhi Technology has explored various solutions. Here we compare their benefits and effects in practical application:

Proposed Solutions:

  1. Addition of an Intermediate Heater:

Adding an intermediate heater along the pipeline between the gas generator and blow hood enables additional heating of the amine-based product gas prior to entering the blow hood.  While this improves the gas temperature stability, the extended pipeline continues to limit the efficiency of core manufacturing.

2. Use of a single compact heater:

By consolidating heating functions into a single compact unit and positioning it strategically near the blow hood inlet, heat loss and space requirements are minimized. This approach significantly improves the amine-based product gas temperature at the inlet, enhancing core production efficiency and reducing curing time.

3. Creation of an integrated Heater:

Mingzhi Technology introduces an innovative integrated heater, combining the air heater and blow hood into a single unit. This eliminates gas transmission pipelines, substantially reducing heat loss and ensuring stable high input gas temperature. With patented technology, this solution achieves remarkable improvements in core making efficiency, reducing curing time and energy consumption significantly.

Comparative testing between the traditional heater concept and the integrated heater solution demonstrates substantial improvements in core curing time and heater power requirements. Test data reveals a remarkable acceleration in curing time and a significant reduction in energy consumption with the integrated heater, underlining its potential to enhance operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Mingzhi Technology's innovative integrated heater solution marks a significant advancement in core making technology, offering substantial improvements in efficiency and environmental impact. By addressing inherent challenges in traditional heating methods, this solution not only enhances production outcomes but also aligns with sustainability goals. As Mingzhi Technology continues to drive innovation in core making processes, industries can expect further advancements that optimize production while minimizing environmental footprint.

Explore Mingzhi Technology's integrated heater solution and discover the potential to revolutionize core making processes in your production. Contact us to learn more about implementation options and experience firsthand the transformative benefits of our cutting-edge technology. tel. +39-3451185845


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