International Foundry Forum 2010 (IFF) - Where the CEOs meet.

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International Foundry ForumThe 6th International Foundry Forum - the summit of the foundry world - has successfully taken place in Barcelona/Spain on 10 - 11 September 2010. The intention of this biennial forum was to inform on essential market and business trends with interest to the foundry industry and to give participants an opportunity for lively discussions. Therefore the International Foundry Forum has offered a platform to CEOs of leading foundries to communicate intensively with their business partners from the suppliers as well as the major casting users sectors.   Organisers of the forum are CAEF - The European Foundry Association and CEMAFON - The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association. 240 Participants took part in this event.

The Objectives
Gabriele Galante, President CEMAFONT
Max Schumacher (General Secretary CAEF-THE EUROPEAN FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION)he International Foundry Forum is the " Summit " of the Foundry World. It is the gathering of the CEOs world wide, of important casting users, ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, foundry equipment and consumable suppliers as well as high-level association representatives. Their main target is to increase the marketing opportunities for metal castings in competition with other processes and products in a global business environment.

This goal is much better achieved by joint efforts of the market players and has to be supported by a common understanding of the market trends by all parties involved.

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IFF Program:

September 10, 2010


Andrzej Ryba, President CAEF
(The European Foundry Association)
Gabriele Galante, President CEMAFON
(The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association)

Key Note
Megatrends in Society and Economy

Juan Carlos Collado, Centro Estudios Económicos Tomillo

Outlook on the Future Development
of Automotive and Energy Markets

Future Development in the Automotive Industry/Markets
Dr. Valera, Management Engineers

Future Development in the Energy Sector
Tim Gould, IEA (International Energy Agency)

Trends in Selected Customer Industries
Energy and Resources
Wind Turbine Markets –
Trends and Challenges of the Next Years

José Donoso Alonso, Gamesa

Trends and Outlook

Casting Needs in Modern Power Plants
Alstom (Speaker t.b.c), Siemens (Speaker t.b.c.)
Future Mining – Impact of Current
Developments on the Foundry Industry

Speaker t.b.c.

Car and Power Train Concepts
Passenger Car Concepts

Luis Valero, ANFAC (Spanish Association of
Car and Truck Manufacturers)

Diecasting in Automotive
Rémy Walter, General Motors

Commercial Vehicles – Future Development
of Middle and Heavy Classes until 2020:
Consequences for the Foundry Industry
Ralph Wegener, Daimler

Market Trends and Views of the Large Diesel Engine Industry
Pekka Siren, Wärtsilä

Panel Discussion
Future Challenges for the Foundry Industry with
Respect to Technology Trends and Internationalisation

September 11, 2010

World Foundry Industry
Status and Medium-term Trends – Comments by
Representatives of the Leading Foundry Regions:

• Europe
• North America
• South America
• China
• Japan
• India
• Russia

Panel Discussion
Contribution of the Equipment Suppliers to Foundry Success
Moderator: Mario Conserva, EDIMET

Held Hostage, Disengaged and Cynical:
How Sustainability is Re-Defining the Customer Experience
Guy Champniss, Havas Media

Closing Remarks
Gabriele Galante, President CEMAFON

Following Sponsors made this forum possible:

Sponsors IFFABP Induction Systems, Germany
Druckguss, Switzerland
Cyrus Schwingtechnik, Germany
Dantherm Filtration, Germany
DISA (Norican Group), Denmark
Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich, Germany
Foseco, UK
Foundry Planet, Germany
Oskar Frech, Germany
GEMCO Engineers, Netherlands
General Kinematics, Germany
Hüttenes-Albertus, Germany
HWS Heinrich Wagner Sinto, Germany
ISponsors IFFMF Impianti Macchine Fonderia, Italy
Italpresse-Gauss, Italy
Otto Junker, Germany
Laempe & Mössner, Germany
Laviosa Chimica Mineraria, Italy
Loramendi, Spain
Maus, Italy
Messe Düsseldorf, Germany
Omega Foundry Machinery, UK
Pangborn Europe, Italy


For further information to the speeches or the conference generally please contact
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Interview with Mr. Gabriele Galante, President CEMAFON: "... innovation, development and productivity still comes from europe!"