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DISA and Wheelabrator together

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Following the merger of DISA and Wheelabrator in 2009 under the umbrella brand of Norican Group, the integration has been successfully completed with their first joint presentation at GIFA 2011. DISA focuses on technologies for the manufacture of moulds and moulding material preparation, whilst Wheelabrator focuses on solutions for surface preparation. Through DISA Global Services and Wheelabrator Plus, two international organisations offer complete aftersales services.

Each brand focuses on its core competences, yet the teams collaborate to learn from each other. The benefit for the customers: their requirements can be met by greater innovation and capacity, resulting in improved and more efficient solutions.
The DISA 231 Fast vertical moulding machine and the Wheelabrator SATURN HD blast wheel are two examples of innovation to be presented at GIFA for the first time. The DISA 231 Fast machine has achieved a world record:  an output of 555 moulds/hr. - completely unique worldwide! The SATURN HD blast wheel is a new high-performance wheel specially designed for the foundry industry, offering significant increases in productivity and the reduction of operational costs.

Unique aftersales capability

The organisation offers complete equipment support services on a global level, which is unique in the industry. Wherever the customer is in the world, and whatever language he speaks, DISA Global Services and Wheelabrator Plus can provide the necessary local support to keep equipment running at optimum capacity. Spare parts, services, maintenance and the modernisation of equipment are only a phone call away

Exploiting new markets

The new company structure of DISA and Wheelabrator enables strategic planning for exploiting new and interesting markets. For over 20 years the company has had offices and production facilities in emerging markets such as India and China, and are embarking on an exciting period of technology transfer to these markets. In order to offer these regions established, standard products that can be manufactured to a high quality and at a competitive price, engineers from all technology centres are working together to transfer technology and skills to the local manufacturing plants.

DISA and Wheelabrator offer comprehensive services to its customers in a variety of industries worldwide: "We stand ready to serve our customers wherever and whenever they require our support. Ask any of our team members how we can help you increase your profitability." (Robert E. Joyce Jr., President and CEO, Norican Group).

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