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Investment Casting – On the way to sustainability

32nd EICF Conference & Exhibition in Napoli, Italy 12 to 15 May 2024

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EICF¨s annual Conference & Exhibition is the biggest and more relevant congress in Europe related with the Investment Casting Industry.

EICF´s annual Conference & Exhibition sets the standard for Investment Casting technology, knowledge dissemination, best practice and innovation. This year the experts will meet in Naples in Italy. This ist he best opportunity to meet young international colleagues to share and gain experiences related with investment casting.

The EICF Conference ist he stage for great speakers who will provide their Insight and knowlede to showcase the advance of the technology and business trends. Don`t miss the chance to meet the people of your business and have fun in the fanstatic city of Napoli.

See the program, spaekers and possibilities here: