IT – Tasso expands in Italy

The Danish cast iron bar specialist, Tasso A/S, is expanding operations at Bernareggi S.r.l, the company’s Italian cast iron stockist located in the northern Italian city of Milano. The Italian company’s milling capacity has, amongst other things, increased by 15 percent as part of a strategic focus on cast iron processing and customer service.

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To strengthen its position in the South and Central European markets, the Danish cast iron foundry, Tasso A/S, acquired full ownership of the Italian cast iron stockist and machinist, Bernareggi S.r.l, February last year. Since the acquisition, the Italian company, with approximately 30 employees in the outskirts of Milano, has been very busy. According to the latest annual report, Bernareggi’s revenue grew from 10 million EUR in 2020 to 17 million EUR last year, a 70 per cent growth that resulted in a profit of 1 million EUR compared to 51,000 EUR in 2020.

Tasso recently expanded Bernareggi’s processing capacity to support last year’s growth. The expansion involves a 15 percent increase in the Italian subsidiary’s milling capacity, along with an investment in a high-efficiency, full-automated circular saw.

- An increased demand for processed cast iron along with our strategic focus on value-added products has led us to further increase Bernareggi’s processing capacity. In order to ensure the high quality of our processes and to support our strategy, Bernareggi was just recently certified according to ISO 9001. Together with the capacity expansion, the certification will guarantee consistent service and quality for the benefit of our customers, says Kristian B. Pedersen, CEO of both Tasso and Bernareggi.

In addition to value-added products, Bernareggi has also increased its focus on customer service, which contributed to last year’s results, says Kristian B. Pedersen:

- We have always placed great emphasis on having short delivery times by having a wide range of cast iron profiles in stock. This gave us a huge advantage when the corona pandemic loosened its grip on the market and the demand boomed at the end of 2020. 

Tasso have also invested in a retrofitting of the solar panels installed on the top of Bernareggi's 5,600 square meter warehouse, so it can supply even more electricity to the company's production in the future.

Further expansions in the making

Last year's growth has continued in 2022, with a steady flow of projects in the pipeline. Despite the latest expansion, Tasso and Bernareggi are still looking for new ways to increase the Italian subsidiary’s production capacity:

We are already searching for new production machines, but, right now, there is an average delivery time of about a year. Although we could use the increased capacity now, we are well equipped to meet the expected demand with our latest investments, Kristian B. Pedersen explains.

Italy is one of the largest industrial countries in Europe and, therefore, Tasso has great ambitions for Bernareggi, says Kristian B. Pedersen: - Italy has one of the largest subcontracting industries that supplies components to many Italian and European manufacturers. With its location close to Milan, Bernareggi has an advantageous location close to its customer base. 

About Tasso A/S

Founded in 1856, Tasso is the oldest iron foundry in Denmark. From its production facilities in the center of Odense, the foundry specializes in the entire process of manufacturing of continuous cast iron bars, including casting, heat treatment and pre-machining.

Tasso is an internationally orientated company with a significant export share. With an annual casting capacity of 18,000 tons, Tasso is one of the significant manufacturers of continuous cast iron bars in Europe and cooperate with wholesalers across Europe and Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many more.

Tasso is part of the Vald. The Birn Group, which is the largest foundry group in Northern Europe.

About Bernareggi S.r.l.

Bernareggi was founded in 1976 in the northern Italian town of Castano Primo outside Milan. Bernareggi is a specialized supplier of cast iron bars as well as bronze components.

Today, Bernareggi has a warehouse of approximately 11,000 square meters, which, in addition to cast iron bars and bronze, also houses a wide selection of processing machines. The company serves customers in northern Italy and the rest of southern and western Europe.

Bernareggi is 100 percent owned by the Danish iron foundry Tasso and thus part of Vald. Birn Group.