Massive channel power made of cast iron and plastic in one unit

Hauraton presents Recyfix Monotec Ultra - drainage channel for extremely heavy-duty areas

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Growth in the Hauraton product family: Recyfix Monotec Ultra celebrates market launch. The latest channel in the range is a real high-performance system with particularly high resistance for drainage on extremely loaded and heavily frequented traffic areas. It is versatile: light thanks to its unbreakable channel bottom part made of recyclable plastic, strong thanks to its block top part made of cast iron - and clever in its design, which incorporates the surrounding concrete as a bulwark during installation.

High-performance: Two materials - one unit

Klaus Weiler, development engineer at Hauraton explains the technology: "The lateral 'wings' of the cast-iron channel top rest on the surrounding concrete during installation. In this way, load forces arising on the surface can be transferred from the cast body directly into the concrete, while the channel body itself remains largely unloaded - the result is an extremely resistant and resilient system. The two channel materials, cast iron and plastic, are firmly enclosed in a self-contained, robust concrete block that can easily bear the loads and movements on the surface and protect the drainage system as a whole." The new channel can easily shoulder the highest load class F 900, which occurs at airports, for example. And it creates a high level of reliability for these areas, even during heavy rainfall events.

Spheroidal graphite cast iron withstands stresses

Decisive for the effectiveness is not only the clever combination of materials, but also the high-quality ductile cast iron used. Ductile cast iron is cast iron with spheroidal graphite and is characterised by a strong resistance to expansion at high tensile stress. Weiler: "This enables the system to withstand the highest loads excellently. The top edges, which are usually prone to breakage, do not break out, the geometry of the cover creates maximum stability and the chosen surface design above all prevents water from spilling over the channel." The material also guarantees a high-quality surface without spalling, which is a concern with other materials. The top of the gutter has a large inlet cross-section. No loose parts such as screws interfere with the surface.

Road crossings, subways, railway crossings, airports, ports and logistics areas are all heavy-load areas and turntables that have to withstand high dynamics and frequency, especially when transferring heavy and complex goods in loading vehicles, trucks or forklifts. Point loads from containers and shear forces from turning vehicles are added. At the same time, precipitation water on these surfaces must not become a hazard for people, vehicles and goods. That is why it is so important to be able to withstand both the acting load forces and the force of weather and heavy rain with developments such as the Recyfix Monotec Ultra.

The new gutter can do all that. And the channel base made of plastic is not inferior to its cast-iron upper part in terms of capabilities: its channel is not only unbreakable, but also extremely resistant to loaded water and other aggressive liquids that can enter the drainage system from the heavy-duty surfaces. This ensures reliable durability.

Recyfix Monotec Ultra is available in nominal sizes 200 and 300 for load class F 900.

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