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Italpresse - HMe: diagnostics, control and monitoring

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Italpresse has developed a new machine supervision and control system.
The new HMe is powered by Wonderware, the global leading brand by Schneider Electric for industrial software including HMe and SCADA.


  • A greater focus on the relevant information.
  • A rational new distribution of the information on the pages.
  • Less strong colours and improved position of the icons, in order to focus the attention of the user only on the useful information.
  • Intuitive and simple steps for moving from a general browsing to a detailed one, with all the information at a glance.

The application is installed on a industrial Pc with Windows 7.
The system keeps the same hardware as before:

  • PLC SIEMENS 7 with remote I/O for a simpler and easy to maintain unit;
  • safety is managed with Pilz Pnoz Multi, connected to PLC by Profibus.


Company Info

ItalPresseGauss S.p.A.

Via Trento 178
25020 Capriano del Colle (Brescia)

Telephone: +39 0309749300