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Italpresse-Gauss has won the Italian prize “Company to watch” in the “Hot metallurgy machinery” for the second year running.

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The survey was carried out by the independent Cerved Group. The prize is given to the company that, in addition to having sales above average in its field and a good level of Ebitda/proceeds, has stood out for its achievements.

For years, Cerved Group has been offering consulting to evaluate solvency, economical and financial structure and reliability of both companies and people, and to examine the positioning of companies in the market. The annual “Company to watch” prize, which is subdivided into categories, is the result of an accurate survey and of qualitative and quantitative analysis carried out by field experts of the Databank division. The prize is awarded to the company that, in addition to having reached sales above average in its field and a good level of Ebidta/proceeds, also has:

  • Strengthened a leader position in the field – Adopted a business model consistent with the evolution of the field
  • Gained one or more competitive advantage points on the main critical factors of success in the field
  • Acquired a great growth potential in the short- and medium-term
  • Implemented particular innovation strategies for a product or process, that have proved winning or distinctive

In particular, the following strengths and successes have been recognized to Italpresse-Gauss:

  • Automation that has been developed and built by a dedicated company which is part of the group (Gauss Automation)
  • Excellent price/quality ratio 
  • Usage of standard components manufactured by leader European companies – High technological level
  • Great quality and after-sales customer service orientation
  • Internal software development

Italpresse-Gauss has won the “Company to watch” prize in the “Hot metallurgy machinery” section for the second year running. It is an honour that rewards the strategy of renovation and consolidation of the group- worldwide leader in die casting and gravity of non-ferrous metals- which has been in business for 43 years.

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ItalPresseGauss S.p.A.

Via Trento 178
25020 Capriano del Colle (Brescia)

Telephone: +39 0309749300