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An update from Mario Cincotta, CEO of Italpresse Gauss

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Our priority throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, their families, the communities where we operate, our customers and our suppliers and partners. For us, that meant doing as much as we could, as fast as we could to respond to this new situation. Today we see the results.

The extensive safety measures and protocols we implemented prior to lockdown resulted in zero COVID-19 cases among our staff until the total stop to production imposed by Authorities.

What’s more, with lockdown now easing for industry here in Italy, it has meant we have been able to resume production operations immediately - having already met the necessary safety criteria. 

Like many, we had to temporarily close our factory floor. But we did not want to cease customer support, innovation and solution development. Which is why we took the necessary steps to quickly adapt to a smart working model in order to keep our full range of business functions available to the die casting community. 

Evolving our working practices in this way gave us valuable insight into remote working solutions, and the opportunity to test and improve our range of smart, digital services and equipment solutions, to help our customers during and long after the crisis. 

We didn’t stop. Which meant that throughout the lockdown we were able to work with regions worldwide. It now also means we are in a position to help customers re-start and adapt their production in any way necessary. In fact, orders from the Regions are already on their way. 

One of our greatest strengths at Italpresse Gauss has always been the speed with which we respond and flex to meet customer needs. I’m pleased to say that has not and will not change, and we will continue to look at ways we can evolve as a company to better enable this mission. 

Our focus today is firmly on providing fast, efficient solutions that make a difference to die casters. We’re ready to help ensure our customers are ready for anything.  

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