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JML Industrie celebrates their 40-year anniversary

With over 80 employees across Europe, JML Industrie has grown considerably since 1979. We take a look at the company, how it has changed and their future plans.

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In 1979, Jean-Michel Lavoisier (JML) created the company in Vrigne-Aux-Bois, which was at the heart of the French metallurgical industry. Originally the company started by producing trailers, but they quickly developed foundry equipment manufacturing after their initial investments in 1981.

JML Industrie grew steadily during the first 15 years and by 1995 they had doubled the capacity within the engineering team. They were early adopters of the SolidWorks 3D software, which is still used today for their clients.

It was after the acquisition of DISEF in 2010 that JML Industrie was able to autonomously produce dedusting filters for foundries. This acquisition was quickly followed by the development of the vibrating equipment division.

In 2012 JML Germany was created and saw immediate success in selling vibrating units across Europe. JML continues to export to countries outside Europe including China and Mexico. The continued growth at JML is what led to the development of the 3 core JML divisions:

• Green and core sand preparation
• Vibratory technology
• Environmental technology including dedusting and sand reclamation

2018 was an important year for JML with the expansion of their covered work are by 10,000m2 and the opening of JML Italy. So how will 2019 surpass last year’s achievements?

Looking towards the future 

GIFA 2019 marks a key milestone for JML Industrie. This year they will showcase the largest stand in their history at 150m2 and will present machines from each of their branches. Also at GIFA they will reveal their latest innovation from their Italian team. This exciting innovation stands to set JML apart from the competition and to offer their clients an interesting alternative to traditional foundry Equipment.

Celebrating the anniversary

On April 2nd the JML Industrie will celebrate the 40th anniversary together. The preparations are in full swing and to see the event in action we recommended following JML Industrie on LinkedIn or on Facebook @JMLIndustrie.

Booking a meeting
If you would like to talk to JML Industrie about how they can help your foundry stay ahead of the competition you can book at meeting using the details below. JML Industrie will also be at GIFA this year (15H14).

Adolpho Sanchez
+39 349 368 1640

Eric de Rooji
+336 24 43 34 77

Jean-François Bouveur
+336 46 58 06 42

Company Info

JML Industrie

6 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
F-08330 Vrigne-Aux-Bois

Telephone: +33 324 52 1397