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JML Industrie at GIFA 2019

JML prepares to deliver their biggest stand yet which will showcase three of their newest innovations. Make sure you don’t miss the unveiling their new environmentally friendly machine on the first day.

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This is the 3rd successive GIFA for JML Industrie and their presence has grown significantly. The foundry equipment to be presented represents how much JML has developed over the past 40 years. Not only are these machines innovative within the industry, they will be on site at GIFA for you to see in all their glory. 

“Each we have presented at GIFA our stand has grown significantly in size and ambition. This is the most important event this year for us as we are able to present our newest innovations to the global foundry market.”  Jean-François Bouveur – Sales Director at JML Industrie 

Having a stand of this size is important for JML Industrie. It allows them to showcase their technical capabilities and allows clients to see the innovations first hand. GIFA is always a much-solicited event and attendees rightly have high expectations of the exhibitors. JML Industries goal this year is to surpass these expectations.

JML Innovations
The latest model of JML’s sand cooler is going presented this year. This equipment has a capacity of 100 tonnes of sand per hour and also boasts the advantage of not having a single mechanical piece in contact with the sand, which means a significant reduction of wearing due to zero friction. In addition to this JML Industrie guarantees total control and maintenance of both temperature and sand humidity. This innovation is the latest addition to the JML sand cooler range, which also includes a high capacity machine of 285 tonnes per hour. 

In addition to the sand cooler JML will be presenting two further machines:

  • High capacity sand reclamation furnaces 
  • An environmentally friendly innovation from their Italian branch

Information about their innovation from Italy will be released closer to GIFA. At present JML Industrie are releasing little information concerning the machine as they anticipate being the first company to bring this machine to market.

Booking a meeting
If you would like to talk to JML Industrie about how they can help your foundry stay ahead of the competition you can book at meeting with them in advance. 

Adolpho Sanchez 
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+39 349 368 1640

Eric de Rooji
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+336 24 43 34 77

Jean-François Bouveur 
+336 46 58 06 42

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