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Complete linear systems offer an

alternative to energy-intensive pneumatic cylinders


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The mission of the IAI Group is to supply state-of-the-art automation solutions. In addition to our up to 6-axes controllable small robots, we offer complete electrical linear systems as an alternative to energy-intensive pneumatic cylinders.

IAI Industrieroboter GmbH is the German sales, marketing and service arm of IAI Corporation, which is based in Japan. From our European headquarters near Frankfurt, we support the German and European markets. IAI has been active in the German market since 1995. “Our company motto is quality and innovation,” said IAI founder and CEO Toru Ishida. “We are never satisfied with the status quo and always drive innovation forward to provide top-quality products and services. Our goal right from the start is absolute customer satisfaction.” Linear arm motion with Intelligent-control IAI, the supplier of the IA IntelligentActuator product line, has been manufacturing linear actuators, rotation modules and controllerssince 1986. These products are used for small to medium scale pick & place applications, general handling and Cartesian robotics.

The IntelligentActuator robot combines linear arm motion with intelligent control. It delivers linear motion with excellent positioning accuracy and ±0.02 mm repeatability. The unit comes with a linear guide, ball screw and AC servo motor. The robot will accommodate a combination of axes (Cartesian robot) and will run in program, positioning or pulse mode, or it can be controlled from a serial interface. In 1999 the company introduced a second product line, the RC RoboCylinder ™, which has positioned electrical cylinders as an alternative to conventional pneumatic pneumatic solutions. There are four series in the RoboCylinder family. The ERC series with built-in controller features simple installation, wiring and adjustment. The RCP2 series with stepper motor generates high torque at low speeds. The RCAseries has a 24VDC servo motor, and the RCS2 is driven by a 230 VAC servo motor. These servo cylinders deliver excellent performance at constant load and will operate at high speeds.

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IAI has been producing a third product line since 1998, the horizontal articulated robot IX Scara. This family sets new standards for positioning accuracy, cycle time and variety of available variations. The company introduced an ultra-compact, folder-size Scara robot with a 120 mm arm in 2006. Cleanroom and waterproof versions At least two variations are available for all three main product lines. The cleanroom version is designed for use in ISO Class 4 cleanrooms. It prevents contamination by fine dust particles during semiconductor manufacturing.

We can also supply dustand waterproof tight versions that provide IP54, IP65 or IP67 protection. IAI introduced linear motors (LSA) and table-top robots (TT) as its fourth and fifth product lines in 2005. In its drive to spearhead factory automation in the international market, IAI has set its sights on becoming one of the world’s leading brands in the industrial small robotics and electrical linear actuator sectors.



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