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Live from M+M China in Shanghai: Loramendi & Aurrenak show new paths in Core Making, Vertical Moulding fields and Core Printing

“Our experience is that in China, the market recovery potential is great,” noted Rubén Ezquerro, Managing Director Asia Pacific of Loramendi & Aurrenak, reason enough to talk about the current situation and look ahead for a moment.

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

The corona pandemic is affecting industry worldwide, with most events and trade shows canceled this year.

Metal Metallurgy China 2020 is now taking place in Shanghai, and LORAMENDI Aurrenak is one of the few exhibitors from Europe that we will see here.

What are your expectations of this event in this situation? What is the feeling in the Chinese industry and market at the moment?

Rubén Ezquerro:
Well, after the strange start of 2020, from Loramendi & Aurrenak Group, we evaluate the global market situation and, especially, the chinese market situation. At that time we decided to continue attending the event because China is a really important market for us and our clients demand our support. We can say we continue to invest in China and showcase our latest developments in all our businesses, Core Making Technologies, Electric Vertical Moulding Machines,Tooling for all Foundry Technologies and Service. At first impression, customers are confirming their visits to our booth (3B10 Hall3) so the attendance seems interesting. even more with the existing situation.

With regard to the Chinese industry and market, we see that the market recovery potential is greater than in other areas of the world. They are in better situation as far as COVID19 is concern and due to their local consumption, their capacity for recovery is much greater, closer to the recovery of curve V.

What does your company bring to China? Which products and innovations are you going to market with?

Rubén Ezquerro:
Basically, as Global Leaders in Core Making Technologies, Loramendi&Aurrenak Group show the new paths in Core Making and Vertical Moulding fields. After success in GIFA2019, Loramendi is bringing to M&M China, the fastest Inorganic Core Making Machine in the market and ICP, the Industrialization of Core Printing. Through these two products, Loramendi leads the way of Industry 4.0 with real examples working at our clients. The knowledge developed in the Group during more than 45 years of experience close to OEMs and TIER1s of foundry industry, it has been crutial for creating innovative and high tech products.

On the other hand, Loramendi & Aurrenak Group continue to develop solutions for our clients, a unique Team that can bring the complete solution under a single umbrella.

Other parts of the world are still grappling with the effects of the pandemic. As a global player, your machines are in use all over the world. Where is the industry recovering best now, and what effects can be seen in the mid- and long-term?

Rubén Ezquerro:
Looking at current scenario and with the existing information, we hope all markets can recover their economies step by step and all clients can return to their pre-COVID19 volumes in short term. In either case, we know the situation is complex for everyone and our goal is to help each other find a way out of these special moments. Global policies in terms of supporting the economies are critical for companies to have access to financing and can implement new technologies that bring new developments and cost savings in mid- and long-term. In case of Loramendi & AK, we are fortunate to have orders now from China, Asia, Europe and America and we want to thank our clients for the trust placed in us.