35 years Loramendi Germany and new Managing Director for Loramendi & Aurrenak

The year 2020 was a very special year for Loramendi, especially in Germany.

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In one of our most important markets, we were able to celebrate our 35th anniversary after the foundation of Loramendi Germany in 1985. Since the very first day, we have attached great importance to the best possible customer orientation and the development of long-term partnership relationships with our customers and suppliers.

In order to further improve this customer service and to expand our market position, we were able to win Dr. Oliver Vogt as a new managing director for our company. He took over the management 
of our Loramendi Vertriebs GmbH team with effect from 01.02.2020. In this function, he is responsible for the areas of core production, vertical molding and 3D printing for Loramendi in Germany & Central Europe.
In addition, he has been assigned responsibility for our complete Aurrenak activities for this region.

With Dr. Vogt, we have been able to gain a manager with both technical and commercial experience for Loramendi and Aurrenak. He has been working successfully in the foundry industry for 20 years in leading positions in development, production and sales. In addition to his most recent position as sales manager of an aluminium foundry, he was responsible for the overall commercial management 
of a machining site for cast components.
In addition to his strong customer orientation, he brings with him many years of management experience as well as well-founded industry expertise and has 
a correspondingly broad network.

In addition to the further optimisation of our customer relationships, one of our common goals is to exploit the advantages of the synergies of Loramendi & Aurrenak Group for our customers in the 
best possible way. Loramendi and Aurrenak, both headquartered in Vitoria, Basque Country, are part of the Mondragón Group, a cooperative organisation, and have been global leaders in the foundry 
world for 50 years. Through the synergies of the Group, the know-how of core production and tooling technology is combined in a way that is unique in the market, to the benefit of our 

Other very future-oriented fields of work are the expansion of our product portfolio, in areas like electrification, as well as the systematic implementation and expansion of 3D core printing technology for large-scale industrial applications. In the first mentioned field of work, we are pleased to report that further orders for electric motor components have been won, and significant progress has been made also in the industrial 3D printing of cores together with our partners Voxeljet and ASK. Not to forget in addition the impressive improvements in industry 4.0 assuring our customers having the best profit out of our equipment.

Based on these positive developments, both organisationally and technically, as well as the many years of very trusting cooperation with almost all OEMs and many well-known foundries in the 
global environment, Loramendi & Aurrenak sees itself very well equipped for the future


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