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LK 6000 Plus die casting cell for Vietnam's 5G ultra large housing production

Recently, LK IMPRESS-PLUS DCC6000 cold chamber die casting machine was officially put into production at the customer's Vietnam factory. The 6000T die-casting machine is currently the largest tonnage model of LK Group, and it is also one of the die-casting machines in the world with a clamping force of more than 60,000KN.

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The customer who introduced the die-casting machine is South Korea's Glovitech company. At present, the equipment has been successfully put into production in Glovitech's factory in Van trung industrial zone, Viet yan District, to produce 5G tele-communication base station (RF unit) housing products. Glovitech mentioned that it has successfully achieved the world's first ultra-large 5G RF unit housing production.

 5G Telecommunication revolutions
The arrival of 5G, no matter wireless base station or terminal mobile phone, puts forward higher demand for die casting technology and will drive a new round of development of die casting industry.

The upgrade of 4G to 5G introduces a new architecture of unlimited access network. The structure of base station is about three times of that of 4G products in terms of volume, weight and power consumption. At the same time, the heat sink of shell is increased and densification, making the structure more complex.

LK Machinery: All-round support and co-ordination
The whole project was successfully completed in a very short period thanks to both parties’ effort and cooperation by day and night. 

According to reports, in mid-2020, Glovitech purchased a 6000T super-large die-casting machine from LK Group; in December of the same year, the equipment arrived at the customer’s factory in Vietnam and began to assemble. As know that LK only takes one month to assembly the machine, next to the installation LK engineers cooperated to the commissioning for the machine and the entire automated solution with customer. In March 2021, the 5G RF housing unit was successful produced steadily and continuously in a qualified rate.

As information from Glovitech that the ultra-large housing parts was a breakthrough to meet rapid development of 5G telecommunication industry.

LK 4000T Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
It is understood that Glovitech also purchased a 4000T cold chamber die casting machine from LK Group. The equipment was delivered to the Vietnam factory in October last year and was put into production earlier than the 6000T model. Glovitech uses these two sets of die-casting islands to produce 5G base station die-casting products, which are mainly supplied to the South Korea international communications corporate. 

Glovitech was founded on July 1, 1989 and is headquartered in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It mainly produces telecommunications equipment parts, medical equipment parts, and LED parts. The company has mold design and manufacturing, die-casting molding, metal processing, painting and other production processes and platforms.

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