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Gefond – Your way for a long life industry

Towards more sustainability, resilient and human-centric industry - Industry 5.0

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The EU’s recovery requires the acceleration of both green and digital transitions, so that we can build a more sustainable and resilient society and economy. Industry is among the key drivers of this dual transition.

The report “Industry 5.0” recognizes the power of industry to achieve societal goals beyond jobs and growth to become a resilient provider of prosperity, by making production respect the boundaries of our planet and placing the well-being of the industrial worker at the center of the production process.

Gefond is your partner representing machinery for the die-casting sector and providing Gefond software and more.

Founded in 1994, Gefond has succeeded in qualifying itself in the die casting sector by representing the market’s leading suppliers and in the distribution of technologically advanced equipment to foundries working mainly for the automotive industry. 

It has also earned the trust of its customers thanks both to its quality equipments and its flexible assistance and spare parts service.

Gefond's challenge is to keep pace with change.

Gefond, through its innovative technical solutions, supports the trends of the manufacturing industry as it prepares to face the challenges of the sector, such as sustainability and digitalization, as indicated in the Industry 5.0 report, published by the European Commission in January 2021, which recognizes that industry has a social role that goes beyond employment and skills development and includes care and respect for the planet and the well-being of the worker at the heart of the production process. 

These are the three guiding principles of development of Gefond - for a long life industry

  • Looking to the future and focusing on technological innovation
  • Expanding the range of services 
  • Training to increase productivity

Gefond Products 
Gefond represents and distributes consumables and technological equipment such as spraying machines, temperature control units, melting furnaces, batchers, crucible furnaces and laser markers. Gefond Products pays particular attention to the use of energy saving technologies that guarantee concrete and documentable advantages such as a reduction in cycle time, longer die life, higher quality of the parts produced and energy savings, and consequently a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity in diecasting cells. Learn more here:

Gefond Software “ Perpetuo” - Predictive maintenance
With the advent of Industry 4.0, plant management and maintenance is no longer limited to just production and routine maintenance, but becomes part of the production strategy and business ecosystem, flanked by mathematical and statistical models that support companies in adopting a new data-driven point of view. 

Gefond Software researches, develops and proposes, in collaboration with digital development centers, solutions able to optimize the production process and take care of the plants.

Perpetuo (, the first artificial intelligence software for predictive maintenance in the foundry, intuitive and easy to use, the only one able to communicate with any machine and peripheral of the diecasting cell; Castle, the simulation software designed specifically for the manufacture of molds for the foundry; Digital Factory, the first artificial intelligence solution for the optimization of production processes, are Gefond's answer for Industry 4.0.

Gefond Technology
This is Gefond's research and development division.

Technological innovation is increasingly pervasive in the industrial world and in production systems: the applications are many, as are the benefits. Gefond Technology researches and develops advanced, innovative and sustainable diecasting production systems. This division has created a new company named high Performance Dye Casting ( HPDC). More info to come. 

Gefond Service
The objective is to accompany customers in their daily production in order to guarantee maximum productivity, reduce management costs and optimise production processes.

Competence and flexibility are the fundamental principles that animate Gefond Service, to give the customer, in addition to the product, a series of additional services to improve and simplify the work of the end user. Gefond has developed augmented reality systems that allow you to have specialist skills on site and improve the quality of service by delating travel costs and reducing intervention times. Learn more here:

Gefond Academy
Investing in training increases competitiveness and productivity. Gefond Academy is an all-round, structured platform for training courses. The courses are oriented towards running equipments, optimising processes and managing maintenance. Learn more here:


Tiziana Tronci is Head of external relations and new product development for GEFOND

Tiziana has a long experience at international level in business development and communication of innovative projects in particular related to production processes for the textile industry and for the energy field having special consideration for sustainability.  

Able to see around corners and looking always for new challenges, Tiziana moved to the diecasting industry in 2016 with an entrepreneurial vision that looks far ahead.

To meet the needs of an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving market GEFOND is investing in  technical assistance and technological innovation by developing an artificial intelligence software for preventive and predictive maintenance built on the specific needs of the HPDC sector. Similar tools are already used successfully in other industries to improve the management of the production process. 
Tiziana strongly believe in the need of a cultural industrial change in the HPDC sector and for this reason she is the international spokesperson of this ambitious project with the aim  to raise the  awareness  of the entrepreneurs.

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