Luitpoldhütte AG: Investments for preserving the site

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Luitpoldhütte AG is planning to install and commission a core sand recycling system for broken cores and for the sand that is left over when retooling the machine and thus compensate for the increased costs in this field. This also contributes substantially to reducing the environmental impact by decreasing the amount of waste by approximately 4,000 t/year.

To further ensure supply and to avoid power outages in the areas of the cupola furnace, the CO2 core shop and parts of the molding plant, the entire low-voltage distribution of these sectors has already been replaced.

On the one hand, this fulfills the safety-related requirements of the accident prevention regulation of the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association “BGV A3 – Elektrische Anlagen und Betriebsmittel” (regulations for the inspection of electrical installations and equipment) and, on the other hand, it enables Luitpoldhütte AG to connect a third transformer in future to amplify the power ring circuit and thus to expand its capacity.

The batch-wise replacement of the molding boxes in the molding plant starts in the fourth quarter. This measure requires a considerable investment. With this and with the purchase of a molding sand analysis system with carbon analyzer Luitpoldhütte AG will ensure further steps towards the stabilization of the product quality.

A similar goal is being pursued with the renewal of the gas analysis system for the regulation of the REKU combustion chamber as well as the monitoring and control of the cupola furnace system concerning the use of coke (carbon content in the iron). With the measuring component H2, which needs to be installed additionally, leakages at the cupola furnace, through which water ingresses, can be supervised and detected at an early stage.

For conducting the commercial/technical apprenticeship on a high level in accordance with the curriculum, Luitpoldhütte AG has already re-installed a used 4-axes universal milling machine. This milling machine is also used in the patternmaking department to accomplish the extensive tasks.

After more than 30 years in which the induction channel furnace ASEALFR 50 operated continuously, the renewal of the furnace boiler and the supporting structure took place in August. The implementation of this measure contributes to a stable supply of liquid iron and thus guarantees delivery to Luitpoldhütte’s customers.

From today’s perspective, the complete renewal of the hose-blast room – including the corresponding dust cleaning plant at the current location with its automatically feeding Y-track system – will be realized in December. This measure will result in improved working conditions and reduced maintenance work.

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