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Magaldi Open Week: A Glimpse into Magaldi Power SpA

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Magaldi Power SpA, situated near the majestic coast of Salerno (Italy), provided invited guests the opportunity to learn more about Magaldi innovations and view their technologies with the Magaldi Open Week (MOW) held in July.

The company is a three generation family business that began with a vision and has evolved into a worldwide provider of industrial solutions in Power, Waste-To-Energy, Cement, Mines, Steelworks and of course Foundry.

The MOW was a full house event attended by potential customers and clients from renown foundries such as Nemak, Blackhawk, Evercast, Tisamatic and several other European foundries from all over the world.

When asked about the main intention of this event, Paolo Magaldi, Deputy CEO &COO of Magaldi, stated, “It’s important to introduce clients to our technologies and to share our culture and premises here in Salerno. We have around 80 clients coming from more than 25 countries such as Korea, Japan, Australia, Mexico, U.S., parts of Europe and even South Africa. During these days it’s important to share knowledge, obtain information from the markets and their real issues, the ones that they are facing, which could become new boundaries for us to apply new applications and solutions.”

Magaldi Dependable Technologies

Seminars and presentations were held at the MOW event which allowed participants to be interactive with open discussions regarding technologies and solutions. Several foundries were able to attest their satisfaction with Magaldi Casting Cooler (MCC®) and Magaldi Superbelt® steel belt conveyor, using mesh rather than chains ensuring that the conveyor will never stop or break down.

While speaking about the Magaldi Superbelt®, Paolo Magaldi emphasized: “If you compare the Superbelt® to the most common chain driven conveyor, our style and design is damage tolerant. We don’t use chains which is a single link traction media, we use a mesh belt. The mesh belt is a multi-traction media, so even if a portion of the link is broken, it can still operate the belt without being forced to shut down the production. If a single link of a chain breaks, then you are obliged to stop production and maintain the belt for some hours or days. Furthermore, our system doesn’t shake so we don’t generate dust or noise.”

Magaldi Worldwide Presence

Visitors had the chance to see how the systems are produced at the Magaldi facility as well as view the technology in operation. But Salerno is not the only location where Magaldi operates, as they have several overseas locations pertaining to the Group and have recently established Magaldi Technologies LLC in the U.S.

“We have several clients between Canada, U.S. and Mexico but we decided to step forward this year by locating to Atlanta with a team focused on sales, after sales and warehouse for spare parts. For us, the United States, Canada and Mexico are markets that we want to be focused on. Our technology suits several industries and by being next to our clients we can be more efficient in serving them and being more satisfied.”

The Magaldi Open Week is held every 2 years in Salerno and the Magaldi team can be visited again at the upcoming FUNDIEXPO 2016 in Queretaro, Mexico from the 5th-7th of October.


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