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On the verge of the 90th year of activity, Magaldi Group is celebrating with new orders that confirm its leadership in the metalcasting sector and the full satisfaction of more and more Customers choosing to rely on our proprietary technologies.


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Founded in 1929, Magaldi has built a solid reputation, presenting itself not only as a supplier, but as a reliable technological partner able to provide customized solutions, as well as take care of customer needs in each step of the project, from design to after-sales assistance.

Technological innovation, quality, reliability, care for the environment and for the health of operators, has convinced over 1,500 companies worldwide to adopt Magaldi systems to handle materials under the toughest process conditions (e.g. high temperatures, heavy loads, bulk, grain or abrasive materials).

In the foundry sector, Magaldi technologies are able to overcome all problems caused by conventional conveying systems (e.g. Apron or vibrating conveyors), guaranteeing excellent performance, minimum O&M costs, absence of vibrations and a noise level under 65 dB(A), thus contributing to a healthier and safer work environment.

Teksid chooses Magaldi for new line in China
For the new moulding line in its Zhenijang plant in China, the Italian group Teksid awarded Magaldi a contract to supply its casting cooling technology MCC® (Magaldi Casting Cooler) that offers a solution customized on the foundry’s specific needs, by combining the Superbelt® high reliability with an optimized cooling process.

Passing through the cooling tunnel, held under negative pressure, a continuous flow of 40 t/h of castings undergoes a temperature drop from 450 °C to 80 °C. At the end of the tunnel, an uncovered Magaldi Superbelt® allows operators to perform de-gating by means of manipulators and casting sorting. The belt, moving slowly and operating without any vibration and with a noise level ≤65 dB(A), represents a perfect work table.

Magaldi SuperMCC® to be installed at new MTI foundry in Mexico

For the American company Metal Technologies, Inc. (MTI), Magaldi developed an enhanced version of the MCC® – known as SuperMCC® - to be installed at the new foundry of San Luis Potosí (Mexico) which will manufacture 100,000 t/y of gray iron castings for the automotive industry.

Able to improve cooling performance thanks to both co-current/counter-current and cross-flow heat exchange mechanisms among the castings and a forced cooling air flow, the SuperMCC® is also equipped with a Magaldi Spill Chain for sand return conveying.

Magaldi also supplied 2 Superbelt® conveyors: one to convey sprue and reject castings from the shotblasting area to outside, the other to perform de-gating activities.

Slovenian Kovis Group's new greenfield foundry
A few weeks ago, Magaldi also signed a contract with the Slovenian Kovis Group to supply an MCC® to cool down from 700°C to 120 °C gray and nodular iron castings produced in its greenfield foundry in Štore. Equipped with the best available technologies, the new molding line is planned to start working in March 2019.

In all projects, the Magaldi cooling technology is provided with the MISS® (Magaldi Integrated System) to automatically control the operational cooling parameters and adjust the belt speed and the air capacity to properly cool castings down at the required temperature.

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