mantro GmbH and Oskar Frech GmbH & Co. KG launch digital platform for manufacturing expertise

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The Munich-based Company Builder mantro GmbH and the Schorndorf-based die casting technology supplier Oskar Frech GmbH & Co. KG announce cooperation: The digital expert platform for manufacturing expertise 'exaas'. Designers, purchasers, quality managers and manufacturers of technical products are given access to external manufacturing knowledge in order to optimize components and reduce manufacturing costs.

The idea for exaas was born at the beginning of 2019 based on a general problem of the manufacturing industry: Many companies focus on the functional development of their products (vehicles, engines, machines, etc.). As a result, detailed manufacturing knowledge is gradually lacking in order to design components suitable for production or to optimize the design for specific manufacturing processes. The consequences are high adaptation efforts and increased manufacturing costs. Based on this problem, a solution was developed which is now being introduced to the market with the support of Oskar Frech GmbH & Co KG.
exaas is a digital platform that enables industrial companies to access external production experts quickly and easily. In addition to an individual expert search service, the company offers concrete solution packages to reduce manufacturing costs and improve component quality. In order to offer the widest possible range of processes and capabilities, exaas has built up a network of process experts, i.e. mechanical engineering companies, tool & part manufacturers, manufacturing consultancies and industry-related research institutes.

Alexander Marks, Director of cold chamber die casting technology, Frech Tooling and, is very pleased with the bundled know-how: "Many components today are not manufactured in the optimal production process or in the design that is suitable for the respective process, as there is often a lack of knowledge to transfer these components to die casting or to optimize them for this purpose. This is where exaas comes in and will enable a fast, production-optimized design of the components in the future and thus great savings potentials for entire industries". 

exaas CEO Tobias Schneider adds: "Here in Germany and the neighboring countries, we have an enormous amount of knowledge regarding production expertise. We have the unique opportunity to make this knowledge available to make 'Made-in-Europe' the technology brand of the next decades".

The company's vision is to bring about a lasting change in industrial cooperation worldwide from Germany and Europe. "Especially in the know-how of medium-sized businesses, unbelievable potentials slumber, as Frech impressively demonstrates", says mantro GmbH CEO Manfred Tropper.

The range of services offered by exaas' network of experts extends in a matrix over all manufacturing processes and over all phases of the product development process. From the first concept of the component idea to design, documentation, procurement and production. Experts support, for example, in the selection of the optimum manufacturing process, check the manufacturability of component designs, optimise components or transfer them to alternative manufacturing processes. Buyers receive e.g. procurement price forecasts and part manufacturers are supported in the optimisation of their production process. exaas offers the digital infrastructure for the classification and allocation of the question, booking, data transfer, payment processing as well as online communication with the experts.

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