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MECCANICA PI.ERRE presents its new high performance trimming press with reduced consumption. Furthermore, the company provides insights how it strengthens the production of GIGA trim tools and presses, and which investments are planned in the future.

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor
International Editor Diana, Engelmann

Existing for more than 40 years, MECCANICA PI.ERRE has shown an incredible history, because the company counts today to the top 3 of the leading manufacturers of trimming tools and presses as well as of finishing high-pressure (die-)castings. “For 40 years, we have been constantly and continuously working to improve our products and production processes, to offer customers high-tech solutions”, Ruggero Pederzoli states, President, and CEO at MECCANICA PIERRE srl Bedizzole, who created the company. The company is able to produce around 60 trimming machines and 200 trimming tools per year. The site comprises 13.000 square meters and is located in Brescia, one of the well-known north Italian industrial areas. 

High performance trimming presses 

“Robopres is our new high performance trimming press with reduced consumption. It is one of three kinds of different presses which are new in our product line. Our ELECTRA FETP is a full electric trimming press, that is 100 percent ecological and energy saving”, so Frederica Pederzoli, General Manager presso MECCANICA PI.ERRE srl Bedizzole, who was also present during the Foundry-Planet Interview. The third one is the laser cutting cell – a synonym for the paradigm change in the context of industry 4.0. 

Strengthening the production of big structure parts  

Strengthening the production of castings is one of the targets of MECCANICA PI.ERRE in the near future: “We actually produce 300 ton. trimming presses. We want to show our customers – and especially our competitors – that we can do so as well –not only them”, Ruggero Pederzoli states. The company serves well-known companies, it delivers for example trimming tools to Nemak Mexico or big presses for GM. 

Germany as most important market 

“Germany, I hope that Germany becomes the most important market”, so Ruggero Pederzoli to the question of the main markets for the next few years. In this context, he also states the US and Mexico: “Mexico has a big potential, because it is the biggest and most important market. Our intention is to push the Mexican market and to go ahead with the US market.” Concerning the US, he told that MECCANICA PI.ERRE holds an office and a stock of spare parts. “Our facilities – closed to Dallas – provides us more space and visibility in the US.” 

New investments for further developments 

“A priority for us is to promote our company in a right and simply way – to give customers the information of what they need”, Ruggero Pederzoli states. MECCANICA PI.ERRE invests in two new production halls for GIGA presses, one of 1,000 m2 and the other of 1,500 m2. MECCANICA PI.ERRE is actually capable to produce 3-4 GIGA trimming machines per year, as Ruggero Pederzoli revealed. But for the company it’s important too not to neglect the production of medium machines. “Talking of GIGA is very trendy – but there will always be an importance to produces medium trimming machines as well.” 

See for yourself the expertise and versatility of the Italian flagship company MECCANICA PI.ERRE, which, thanks to its high level of vertical integration, can meet almost any customer requirement. At the EUROGUSS in hall 7, stand 7-164.

Meet the Pederzoli family, the employees Dr. Stefania Calubini, Dr. Kamal Frank and Dr. Giulia Lonardi, who also speak good German. 


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