Meltio partners with 12 leading software companies to foster hybrid and robotic additive manufacturing adoption

• This new ecosystem signed with leading software companies to foster the Meltio Engine CNC and Robot Integrations offers its customers the broadest and most compelling software portfolio to industrialize Meltio’s metal additive manufacturing process

• The multinational wire-laser metal 3D printing technology manufacturer developed 14 evaluation points, 9 of those regarding toolpath strategy, and ensures through this partnership a comprehensive software ecosystem to meet a wide variety of customer needs


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Meltio, - the disruptive laser metal deposition technology manufacturer - presents today its new Meltio Engine Software Partners ecosystem to ensure through this partnership a set of guaranteed and reliable software solutions for the customer to identify his best software solution to use Meltio Engine CNC Integration and Meltio Engine Robot Integration. Comprised of the key software players in the additive manufacturing market, it enables it to complement its Meltio Horizon  to deliver the most  end-to-end additive manufacturing software solution set in the market.

This are the 12 most innovative worldwide software companies in additive manufacturing (AM) that have joined Meltio Engine's Software Partner ecosystem for hybrid and robotic platforms: SKM DCAM by SKM Informatik; AdaOne by Adaxis; AiSync by AiBuild; Esprit by Hexagon; Fusion 360 by Autodesk; Aplus+Mastercam by Camufacturing and Mastercam; Hypermill by OpenMind; SiemensNX by Siemens; Hy5CAM by 1ATechnologies; RobotStudio 3D Printing PowerPack by ABB and SprutCAM X by SprutCam.

Ángel Llavero, CEO of Meltio explains:

“For a year we have been working with all of them sharing the needs that we understood most suitable for our customers, going as far as sharing as well as in some cases sharing the mathematical algorithms needed for the functionalities we required. The result of this collaboration between our engineers and the teams of these companies has now resulted in offering this software platform to the market.”

“With this alliance, Meltio sends the message to all our customers of the Meltio Engine CNC and Robot Integration that the software that appears is tested and certified for the handling and proper use of Meltio's technology. With the creation of this new agreement with major software development companies, we continue our strategic goal of facilitating and democratizing metal additive manufacturing. Ease of use and the technology are key for us. Meltio’s industrial customers are guaranteed that any software program can have a guaranteed user experience.”

Meltio provides an open platform for hardware (any robot or CNC) as well as for software that allows the use of any software to manufacture metal parts and meet the growing demand of industrial applications in the market with hybrid and robotic additive manufacturing processes.

It is important to ensure a great user experience and therefore Meltio has created a process for validating technically each solution, avoiding extra work between the final customer and every software provider, for example as defining post-processors or ensuring the specific software can get the most out of the Meltio Engine as the possibility to use two materials in the same part (Dual-Wire). Meltio’s engineers have studied the technical requirements for developing the slicing strategies for the majority of the parts that the industry requires . They have defined 9 levels of complexity, including example geometries that represent help customers  as well as developers understand the diversity of parts.

This new software ecosystem offers to the market tools to address a variety of parts and industries through advanced slicing features such as: fixed tool orientation, revolved surfaces, features on non-planar surfaces, simple surface coating , radial cladding, 360 features, variable layer deposition, controlled area repair and non-controlled area repair.


With the addition of this software platform available to its industrial customers, Meltio takes another step forward in its commitment to improving the ease of use of its wire laser metal 3D printing technology. With this new ecosystem, Meltio takes another step forward in its firm commitment to offer a 360° solution to provide ease of use of its wire laser metal 3D printing technology in software and hardware. Meltio's end-user value is based on offering Freedom of choice and Healthy competition in a new market.

About Meltio:
Meltio takes metal additive manufacturing to the next level by developing high-performance, affordable, and easy-to-use metal 3D printing solutions using wire laser metal deposition technology. The company’s mission is to delight customers, partners and employees by pioneering the development of affordable metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe, and powerful, continually reinforcing their status as disruptors.