METAL 2021 - the October, global-scale festival of the foundry business sector

The International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL and the Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies STOM are held in parallel; this makes the expo cluster one of the globe’s most prominent events for the foundry and metalworking industry. This year’s “Industrial Autumn” is held from 19 to 21 October in Targi Kielce’s all seven expo halls.

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The October Targi Kielce’s Industrial Autumn is the first foundry-industry targeted trade fair held since 2018. The number of companies interested in the event participation is comparable to that of the previous editions; the market leaders have already confirmed their presence at the trade show.  For years, not only has the Kielce exhibition been Poland’s largest event for the foundry; it has also been ranked among the most significant in the world. The expo centre hosts over 300 companies from 28 countries from all corners of the world; the exhibitors use over 10,000 square meters as the showcase.

METAL exhibitors showcase components and instruments for the foundry business sector. Belgium, Belarus, France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine et al. are represented at the show, which also brings together well-known and respected global brands, such as: METALS MINERALS, GUSS-EX, FOUNDRY PARTNER, DISA (Danmark), WHEELABRATOR (Danmark), EURO-EQUIP (Spain), ConviTec (Germany), PLASTMET Poland, ECOCER (Italy), CAST METAL, NORGPOL, AGRATI, KPR-PRODLEW, PROMET, FERRUS, BARABASZ, PETROFER and KOM -ODLEW.

The trade show attracts 4,000 business insiders from all over the world, including the most distant countries:  Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Slovakia, Spain, Great Britain, the United States, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, India, China and Japan and other countries are represented at the show. The several thousand visitors included the experts and business insiders from all corners of the world.

METAL has proven to be popular with professionals, representatives of various industries and business sectors such as foundry, machine and electromechanical, rail, shipbuilding, armaments, robotics and automation, automotive and aviation.  Not only is the expo an excellent opportunity to maintain existing business contacts, but also to prosper for new customers. Each trade show also offers an opportunity to promote products and to meet international authorities. The International Fair of Technologies for Foundry offer is complemented with numerous accompanying exhibitions and fringe events. The previous expo saw the successful début of HEAT TREATMENT - Metal Heat Treatment Trade Fair. 

Cutting-edge machines and devices complemented with raw materials, components and materials used for metallurgical processes are presented at the International Fair of Aluminium & Technology, Materials and Non-Ferrous Metal Products ALUMINIUM & NONFERMET. 2021 METAL also includes the RECYKLING trade show; the event’s scope includes non-ferrous metal processing.  The STOM expos cluster also contains the 3D PRINTING DAYS, complemented with laser and welding technologies shows, as well as showrooms which are crafted around connecting and fastening components.

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