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METEF FOUNDEQ-2012, an event marked by innovation and b2b

The ninth edition of one of the top events for the global metal industry from 18 to 21 April 2012 at Veronafiere, Italy


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METEF-FOUNDEQ, the international expo dedicated to the aluminium and foundry industry, in its ninth edition in 2012, is the reference event for the international metals industry, dedicated to raw materials, machinery, plants, technology, equipment, products and applications for aluminium and the foundry. The 2010 edition had over 500 exhibitors (375 from abroad) and more than 15,000 visitors. There were also 30 foreign delegations that visited the event from the major countries of business for the metallurgical industry.

Comprehensive view of the metalworking industry

Metef-Foundeq outlines the entire metal production and transformation chain, starting from aluminium; it is currently the world's reference event for such an important and strategic industry. Here is a list of sectors present at the trade fair, including those that will exhibit products at the 2012 edition.


Metef is by now a regular appointment for all the most

influential international operators in the extrusion sector,

who find the best technologies related to raw materials, presses, dies, machining and profile packing equipment, warehouse automation systems, general equipment and products displayed. A sector which has always been well represented at Metef since the very first edition.


Pressure diecasting represents one of the top industries at Metef where, since the first edition, the main European producers of diecasting plants and machinery, dies, trimming dies, steel for equipment, lubricants and release agents, design and simulation software have been exhibiting.


Foundeq is the international expo of plants, equipment and products for gravity, low pressure, centrifuge and continuous casting of metals (steel and cast iron, aluminium, zama, magnesium). The best technologies from leading international producers will be on display.

Starting from the 2010 edition, Foundeq completed its offering with the Casting Area, a special exhibition area dedicated to castings in all metals. In 2010, Metef-Foundeq hosted the General Assembly of Assofond, the Italian Foundry Association, which chose the event as an ideal location for the most important annual event of the Italian foundry industry. Assofond is also a privileged partner of Metef-Foundeq in the organization and development of the Casting Area.


Created in the 2010 edition, the Rolling Area, an exhibition area dedicated to rolling technologies, will be proposed again at Metef-Foundeq 2012. Hot and cold processing, finishing operations with particular attention to applications of foil in packaging, electronics, building, transport, machinery and furniture will be at the forefront of the exhibition.


At Metef-Foundeq surface treatment, joining techniques and machining are an even more important and strategic vortex of the exhibition. The best available processes, the most innovative techniques and the most environmentally friendly solutions will be on display.


The recovery and recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals, energy efficiency, and environmental protection complete the production chain at Metef-Foundeq as they are competitive factors for the sustainability of the entire metallurgical industry.

Believing in the effectiveness of differentiation, METEF-FOUNDEQ has researched and will provide customised solutions for exhibitors, targeted services, and different and effective instruments to promote and realise concrete opportunities for demand and supply to meet at an international level, in the belief that an international event must be able to meet the diverse and varied needs of operators. Among these, in 2012 exhibitors will be offered a special "business to business" service of trade matching, which, through custom appointments arranged between suppliers and customers, aims to promote and establish contacts with the top-class visitors, the most qualified buyers visiting the exhibition.

There will also be great attention given to technology transfer through round tables, technical forums, and seminars. The 2012 edition of METEF-FOUNDEQ will host numerous conferences and seminars of a technical-commercial nature with presentations by industry experts on the latest innovations in the aluminium and metals industry.

Among these is the Metef Innovation Award which, thanks to its success in 2010, will also be repeated in 2012. An initiative appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike for the high value of its technical content, the Award will once again highlight the most significant technological innovations presented by exhibitors.

Social events and entertainment are also being planned that will allow exhibitors and visitors to complement business activities with some leisure time during and after the expo. Among these is the Metef & Golf tournament, an event much appreciated by fans of this sport.

METEF-FOUNDEQ 2012 is sponsored by UBI - Banco di Brescia.

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