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New Bühler Ecoline S series

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Bühler presents the new Ecoline S series. The die casting system combines state-of-the-art technology with excellent solutions in automation for all casters that need a basic set of functions and want to rely on proven, dependable and high-performance die casting equipment.

With its optimized features the new solution offers up to 5% higher productivity. Optional assistance systems make it possible to fill dies with minimal air entrapment. In addition, the system determines the best prefilling profile at the touch of the button; eliminating the need for complicated shot curve optimization. Still, users can adjust the filling profile as they wish with Bühler’s Multistep technology (optional). Digital recording of the plunger movement allows precise monitoring and control of the casting process. Finally, the Ecoline S series’ closed loop control ensures consistent results – every shot.

Experience the Ecoline S series live and in 3D with the Bühler app, which can be downloaded from the Apple or Android store (“Ecoline S”) and used on smartphones or in combination with 3D glasses.

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