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New compact centrifuge: Process water cleaning for low sludge loads

The high quality and eco-friendly alternative to settlement tanks

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The new compact cleaning centrifuge RZ 60 M-V-KB complements the Rösler centrifuge program at the lower end of the capacity range. This easily movable, cost effective plug-and-play unit allows high quality cleaning of process liquids with low sludge loads and is the ideal replacement for settlement tanks. 

When it comes to the cleaning of process liquids from mass finishing and other surface finishing applications Rösler’s centrifuge technology scores with excellent separation rates and cost efficiency. However,for applications with low sludge volume, the standard centrifuge types Z 800 and Z 1000 are frequently oversized. That is why in applications with somewhat lower quality requirements customers often work with settlement tanks. However, when faced with higher quality standards the settlement method is totally inadequate. For such applications Rösler developed the mobile compact centrifuge RZ 60 M-V-KB. 

This semi-automatic 2-phase centrifuge was designed as a plug-and-play system. With a drum speed of 4,000 RPM, it offers effective separation of the process water from the solid phase. This high centrifugal force allows even smaller and somewhat lighter solid particles to be deposited on the inner drum wall as sludge. Therefore, the RZ 60 can be used for applications requiring an extremely low residual content of solid particles in the cleaned process liquid, which to date centrifugal filters could not handle. This saves not only costs but also protects the environment, making this centrifuge is far superior to settlement tanks.

For example, the centrifugal filtering of coolants slows down the formation of microorganisms in the process water and, therefore, extends the uptime of the liquid. Moreover, the unpleasant odors found around settlement tanks are practically eliminated. The RZ 60 is equipped with a combination tank for buffering the dirty and clear water. The sludge basket has a capacity of 1.8 liters (about 0.5 gallons), and the sludge can be easily removed from the basket by hand. 

Besides its high performance this “mini” centrifuge is characterized by a sturdy and maintenance-friendly design, featuring an indirect drive system for the drum with electric motor and separate drive belt. 

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