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New Online Portal As Interactive Service Interface

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RHEINFELDEN ALLOYS GmbH & Co. KG launched its new internet portal. The purpose of this completely revised online presence is to provide all users with an easy access to the diverse product and service portfolio of the company. RHEINFELDEN ALLOYS is a worldwide specialist for primary aluminium casting alloys.

Superior customer value, more service, modern design and a clear structure are benefits of the new interactive internet portal of RHEINFELDEN ALLOYS GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to a multitude of information about the company and its products the user can expect a target group specific range of services when entering <link http:> “The new portal is the virtual interface connecting customers to us”, explains Daniel Hartman of RHEINFELDEN’s marketing department.

The focus is the home page that functions as a kind of “lobby”, from which the user can enter different “rooms” of the portal world. Customers and interested persons need only one click to navigate directly to the product information pages, to find their specific contact person or to use the general contact form. “We want to enable the visitors of our portal to find the ideal alloy in an easy and service orientated manner. This is why we have made it possible, depending on the type of visitor and their respective know-how, to either research the best alloy in the product catalogue, or to look for advice, or to find the appropriate solution using the special product configurator”, says Hartman. “The users can decide for themselves which is the best path to their most suitable alloy.

Furthermore, the portal’s information centre features trade-specific news concerning aluminium and the aluminium industry, and also detailed information about the company itself. The product world and the so called InfoCenter are graphically clearly separated, which maximises user-friendliness. The concept is to enable the user to navigate from each page to virtually any other page using only one click. In this context the colour guidance system is also very helpful, as it gives an overview of the different groups of alloys, and at the same time makes it easy to distinguish them according to their specific properties. The new key visuals of the individual groups of alloys – the analogies to nature – vividly show the properties and advantages of the alloys. Recommended applications and mechanical properties are easily available.

“With the informational congestion of the everyday environment the primary requirement of users is easy and fast access to information – nobody wants to spend time actually searching for information”, Hartman explains. “This is the fundamental concept of the portal and I think we have succeeded in implementing this idea effectively.”

A further service is the revised „Alloy-Toy“. The Alloy-Toy is a product configurator that allows the customer to find the alloy best suitable for their technical requirements. “Simply move the controls to the required settings, e.g. casting process, yield strength or elongation and the Alloy-Toy will display all alloys that comply with the requirements.” says Hartman. The possibility to directly contact a sales person or technical advisor and the 24/7 availability of technical documents completes the full-service concept of RHEINFELDEN ALLOYS. “With this new interactive online presence we want to set a new benchmark for customer service in the aluminium industry – I am confident that we are on the right track to achieving this goal”, announces Daniel Hartman. “See for yourself.”




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