Newcast Award 2023 for the best substitution

Miguss GmbH Heiligehaus/Germany

Pressemitteilung | Reading time: min

This prestigious award is presented every 4 years at GIFA, the world's largest foundry trade fair, to companies that stand out for their exceptional performance in their industry.

For Miguss GmbH Heiligenhaus it was a great honour to receive this prestigious award.  The Newcast Award for Best Substitution is presented by a distinguished jury of respected experts and industry leaders.

The winning work is a pulse generator module for a coal power power plant manufactured by gravity die casting using ALSi11-EN AC-44000 material.

Without their continued and fruitful collaboration within the company, this award would not have been possible. "Thia is an essential part of the success" Peter and Alexander Mies were pleased to say when they received the award and they are counting on continuing to make a good contribution to the further development of the industry.

As winners of the Newcast Award, they will continue to strengthen their commitment to excellence and innovation. They will intensify their efforts to provide customers with even better products/services, continue to invest in research and development to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of their customers.


Happy Miguss Heiligenhaus.