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News from JML Group - Acquisition of FRITZ HANSBERG

JML can supply core making machines from 12 to 400 litres

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JML is now owner of the trademark rights and intellectual property of the company FRITRZ HANSBERG.

Now JML has the possibility to supply core making machines from 12 up to 400 liters able to work with horizontal, vertical and combined parting line boxes.

The experience of FRITZ HANSBERG was more than 70 years well recommended and recognized

Fritz Hansberg was one of the oldest companies producing foundry equipment for 70 years.

The first core shooter was designed and patented by Fritz Hansberg on 1949 and shooting technology invented by us is nowadays used by every core machine maker.

The Hansberg green sand moulding lines and core shooters are spread everywhere in the world and the number of machines is the prove of their quality and reliability.

More than 250 customers are using our machines, a total of 70 core production centres, 20 green sand moulding lines, 500 core making machines have been made along 70 years of business.

The range of our core making machines starts from the 12 litres and arrives up to the 400 litres and they are capable to cover the needs of every customer. Horizontal, vertical and combined core box split machines accomplish high and medium production rate, jobbing machines are available for low production series.

High production rate, robustness, reliability and best performances are recognized and experienced on all our installations.

The most important groups and foundries have chosen our products, Hansberg equipment are running at:

Brembo, Stellantis, Teksid Aluminum, MAT, Renault, Pont à Mousson, AIA Engineering, Kirloskar Ferrous, Leyland, Tupy, John Deere, Ferrari, Fonderie di Torbole, Fonderia Corrà, VDP, Le Belier, La Fonte Ardennaise, Fondium, Huettnes and Albertus, Funosa and in many other foundries.

This clearly shows the enormous significance of the acquisition of FRITZ HANSBERG for the JML Group.

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