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The mechanical company O.M.LER srl was established in 1974 from the Lerda family in the North West of Italy. Over the years the company has grown considerably and starting from 2014 it specialized in manufacturing and marketing worldwide the pneumatic decoring hammer for foundry with the trademark OMLER 2000. OMLER 2000 is its sister company, located a few hundred metres from the O.M.LER srl plant, and manufactures all internal mechanical parts of the decorig hammer. For this reason the decoring hammer has OMLER 2000 trademark.

The decoring hammers are usually adopted to remove the sand core from cast iron, aluminium and steel foundry castings, produced with the low pressure melting method, such as cylindric heads and engine blocks, structural parts, and engines for motorbikes and snowmobiles. The pneumatic decoring hammer can be used not only in the automotive industry, but can also be adopted by foundries that work with the investment casting process, to break or remove the ceramic shell. This is possible because O.M.LER decoring hammers can work at different air pressure and with different set-up, thus avoiding causing damage to the casting, and also removing sand or ceramic from castings with complicated structures and/or thin walls.

O.M.LER manufactures two pneumatic decoring hammer models, the RVC70 and the AF1470. The RVC70 model can remove the inner sand core from foundry castings that have a complicated and delicate structure. The AF1470 model is lighter than the RVC70 model due to its aluminium alloy jacket. It has the air and sensor coupling in the same back area: this makes the installation and maintenance easy. With these two pneumatic decoring hammer models, OMLER srl always offers its customers the best decoring solution.

The functioning of each hammer during the beating process can be checked through a dedicated sensor which is connected to the monitoring system, Thor V4.0. The system measures the hammer beating frequency in real time and controls its efficiency in this way.

To decore a casting, O.M.LER hammers have to be fastened in a decoring unit, such as a decoring bench. The decoring bench is the right equipment that O.M.LER, in cooperation with its sister company O.M.LER 2000, can offer! The company designers configure every decoring bench in accordance to the specific needs of each customer, and the specialized technical staff manufacture it in the production department.

In every O.M.LER decoring bench, the decoring hammers are fastened to the machine structure and they have a fixed position, both vertical or horizontal, depending on the kind of casting to decore. The hammers‘ positioning has to be defined during the design stage. Normally, every decoring bench has from 1 to 4 hammers.

The castings to decore can be manually or automatically uploaded and downloaded with the help of a robot outside the machine. The casting is always positioned in the same preset housing. Moreover, the decoring unit is placed in a certified, soundproof cabin which can contain a hopper to collect the removed sand or a conveyor belt to bring sand outside the cabin.

For further information and for technical advice please contact the O.M.LER team, who will surely find the right decoring solution for you!

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