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Omega: Maybrey-Reliance - Sand Reclamation Plant Installed

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Maybrey Reliance has invested in a new Secondary Attrition Sand Re-claim plant, supplied by Omega of Peterborough.  This new capital investment will massively improve our carbon footprint and lead to increased efficiency and reduce our dependence on deliveries of dried silica sand.

Maybrey Precision Castings and Reliance Foundry merged in 2002 and moved to the current Belvedere factories in 2006 under the guidance of our Managing Director, Mr Douglas Hills.

Maybrey Reliance is a diverse and skilled company producing Aluminium Gravity Die castings from Commercial Grades to Class One and we have approvals to ISO 9001/2008 and AS 9100.

The company has an extremely well equipped Sand Foundry, producing specification cast irons, SG, as well as bronze and aluminium. It has been equipped throughout with plant and mixers supplied by Omega Foundry Machinery Limited.  We would like to thank Omega for their service, quality and the backup given to this company over the many years we have worked together.

Since the merger in 2002, the company has invested heavily in new plant and equipment including many new Resistance Furnaces in our die foundry and increased capacity in our sand foundries with additional Induction Furnaces.  We have also put in place a new overhead crane system, shot blasting and linishing equipment as well as two new spectrograph in our Inspection Department.

The company in now well placed to compete with both national and foreign competitors, by  producing quality castings backed up by excellent technicians in its Inspection and Quality Departments.

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Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd.

Morley Way Woodston Peterborough
PE2 7BW Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom

Telephone: +4401733232231