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Increased profitability through innovative foundry equipment

Hirado Kinzoku Kogyo is the leading manufacturer of foundry equipment for the degating and finishing process in iron and aluminium foundries, and prides itself in establishing strong relationships with its customers to ensure the best possible solution for the hardest of tasks.

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From Japan to the World

Founded in 1966 in Fukuoka, southern Japan, Hirado has been supplying the foundry industry for over 50 years. Since the 1970’s Hirado has been working with the major Japanese foundries in creating innovative equipment to reduce worker fatigue, increase production process and lower costs. This relationship has allowed Hirado to become renowned throughout Asia. Since its release thousands of its equipment have been installed and are currently being used in foundries in over 20 countries.

A new factory in the Fukuoka prefecture was constructed to respond to the increased demand for Hirado equipment. Even now, all equipment is 100% developed and manufactured in house in Japan according to the highest quality standards.

Innovative Synergized Technology

Hirado has developed an innovative hydraulic system through decades of experience and research. This technology allows Hirado to develop light weight, fast, safe & flexible equipment such as its EP Casting Splitter Wedge series for degating castings and SBH Snap Breaker series for breaking runners.

By implementing this equipment in the degating and finishing process, foundries can massively reduce labor costs, work fatigue and consumable costs while speeding up the degating process leading to increase profitability.

An effective and personal solution for every foundry

Hirado knows through decades of experience that every foundry is different. By having a state of the art manufacturing facility and a dedicated, experienced and skilled team of engineers, Hirado is able to develop customized enhancements to its equipment and even offer brand new concepts as a personalized and effective solution for every foundry.

Experience Hirado

Hirado continues to expand its worldwide presence by having partnerships with equally dedicated and experienced local partners. In recent years Hirado has established a network of partners in Europe, currently serving 15 countries and including major markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain & Poland.

Hirado and its partners pride themselves in not only supplying high quality equipment, but also in establishing a long lasting relationship with foundries. To experience Hirado, their equipment and the advantages it can offer, local partners are able to demonstrate the equipment on site and consult with foundries on the best possible solution.

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