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Casting Finishing: High demand for Reichmann fettling technology

An optimal start to the year 2018: Reichmann already registers a high order intake at the beginning of the year for Reichmann grinding lines used for the post-processing of brake discs and drums. The machines will be delivered to customers all over the world. In the course of its 100-year company history, Reichmann has become a leading supplier for automatic fettling solutions.

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Reichmann machines for automatic casting finishing of brake discs.

The fully automatic grinding machine is equipped with an automatic feed and removal of the brake discs. The individual process steps in the plant are NC-controlled. The entire processing sequence is monitored so that unmanned production us possible. Additionally, the machine can be expanded by a grinding unit for inside grinding. This way, the outside and inside diameter can be grinded in one process step. After processing, the brake discs can be automatically checked, measured and stored by a robot palletizing system according to predetermined stacking patterns in boxes or stored on pallets.

The grinding lines of the S1 series are used for deburring of brake discs, brake drums, flywheels or clutch pressure plates for the car and truck sector. The Reichmann machines are specifically designed for the rough production environment in foundries. Short cycle times of up to 5 seconds per brake disc and a fast product change combined with a constantly high grinding quality ensure an outstanding efficiency. Furthermore, the particular robust machine construction guarantees a long lifetime.

Reichmann machines for casting finishing successfully in use worldwide

The continuous development and the close cooperation with customers are part of Reichmann’s success story. Over the years, more than 120 S1 grinding lines have been successfully installed at customers around the world, and they are still used reliably today.

Market leader in automatic casting finishing  

Reichmann Casting Finishing is leading in the market for automatic fettling solutions. In addition to deburring and grinding machines for brake discs, Reichmann offers automatic cutting and grinding machines for a wide variety of castings. For the fully automatic fettling, various innovative machine and robot solutions are realized according to customer requirements.

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