One year after their collaboration, HWI and Calderys offer an expanded portfolio of high-temperature solutions for customers around the world

In February 2023, Calderys and HWI joined forces to create a market-leading provider of high-temperature solutions. Twelve months later, the two companies have grown together as one group, utilising technologies from all regions to offer an expanded portfolio of world-class refractory products for the high-temperature industry around the world.

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One year ago today, HWI and Calderys were united under a single ownership to form the Calderys Group. The new group immediately embarked on an ambitious technology sharing programme. It transferred a selection of Calderys solutions from the Americas to HWI - a Calderys company - and took over a selection of HWI products in EMEA and APAC, which are now available through Calderys.

The first steps of this technology sharing programme are already bearing fruit: customers in EMEA and APAC have access to a range of carefully selected, high quality HWI refractory products, while customers in the Americas can benefit from Calderys' proven products, including casting powders for continuous steel casting. 

"The past 12 months have been exciting, challenging and very productive for our newly formed group of companies," said Michel Cornelissen, President and CEO. "The merger brings together two dynamic companies with complementary product portfolios and creates the opportunity for technology exchange and collaboration for the benefit of the high-temperature manufacturing industries worldwide. I am delighted that we are already seeing great results."

HWI products in EMEA
By manufacturing a carefully selected range of HWI products in Europe, Calderys is able to offer customers in the EMEA region short lead times, limited customer stockholding and a high level of local technical support. Product development is carried out locally, which means that products are developed and fine-tuned to meet the specific process development requirements of customers in the EMEA region, including green steel applications.
This enables Calderys to offer a combined portfolio of refractory bricks and monolithics for various high temperature applications in the EMEA market. These additional products complement the range of products the company already manufactures in the EMEA region, providing customers with an expanded and enhanced range of solutions for a wide range of applications, including steel, direct reduction of iron ore (DRI), glass, copper and petrochemicals.

HWI products in APAC
In recent months, Calderys has already transferred dozens of HWI products to the Calderys site in Bekasi (Indonesia) for production. Many more will follow in the first months of 2024.
The most sought-after products will be manufactured locally, as well as products that complement the entire Calderys portfolio. These include dense refractory concretes and - later in 2024 - a combination of lightweight refractory concretes, additional dense refractory concretes, wet mortars and patching compounds for the power generation, petrochemical, nickel production, cement and glass industries.
The demand for HWI products is particularly high in Indonesia. However, work is also underway to make important HWI products available throughout the APAC region, particularly products for the petrochemical sector.

Calderys in North and South America
In North and South America, HWI customers now benefit from an expanded portfolio that includes Calderys' moulded and unshaped refractory technologies, as well as the company's proven continuous casting powders, refractory bricks, steel mixers and purifiers. Further work is expected in the coming months to transfer the production of additional Calderys items to the HWI production facilities.
Michel Cornelissen concludes: "Throughout 2024, we will continue to expand and update our product portfolios as HWI's solutions are tested and made available in all geographic regions through Calderys' global network and, in turn, Calderys' products are offered in North and South America through HWI, which is now part of Calderys."

About Calderys
Calderys is a leading global supplier to industries operating under high temperature conditions. The group specialises in the high temperature resistance of industrial equipment and offers a comprehensive range of refractory products and advanced solutions to improve steel casting, metallurgical fluxes and shaping processes. With offices in more than 30 countries and a strong presence in the Americas through the HWI (HarbisonWalker International) brand, Calderys' international network of experts ensures a comprehensive offering of customised services. With over 150 years of experience, Calderys supports its customers in the energy transition. Headquartered in Paris, France, the group employs 5,800 people and contractors and has 50 locations on five continents.
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