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P.S. Auto Grinding Across Regions

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It is now almost a year since GIFA 2011 and from this time onwards, PS Auto Grinding (PSAG) have been busy with installations in UK, France, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia and shortly Russia.
Why has PS Auto Grinding been busy when markets are uncertain, order quantities are down, competition is strong for the foundries we are selling into?
There are a few reasons;

  • Survival- With 60%+ saving on labour with 100% consistent quality and elimination of most grinding accidents PSAG machines almost  immediately improve the cash position and allow foundries to compete against low cost competitors
  • New Demand-Tier 1 Customers such as Renault are developing new, lighter, engines and are insisting where possible that castings are made and finished consistently at the lowest cost. Automatic Grinding Machines from PSAG are producing grinding accuracy to 0.1mm every casting at 3-4 times the speed of hand grinding giving a far lower cost per casting.
  • More Enquiries- Foundries are telling us that enquiries are rising and they are winning back business with business from Asian Markets returning to Europe. With PSAG they are able to price competitively, give 100% quality, accept small, medium and large batches and react to more production without increasing labour, training or supervision.
  • Repeat Business- 90% of PSAG repeat purchase knowing what competitive advantage and cash savings they make. Our existing customer’s views are that if business is bad and cash is to be protected then why pay 50%+ more in cash every month to grinders and get an inferior product that requires more cost to get to customer?

PS Auto Grinding are responding by appointing new business partners across the pan European Market;

  • UK and Ireland
  • Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Romania and Bulgaria

Paul Smith, Managing Director of PS Auto Grinding Group says “We are experiencing demand from both lower cost labour areas in Central Europe and Russia as well as Western Europe. Giving customers the consistency that in particular the automotive sector is demanding is the now the major factor in specifying PS Auto Grinding Machines across all regions. In Western Europe fewer foundries can afford to keep large grinding shops with the high wage demands and social costs that entails and in lower cost labour areas it is the availability of labour, the labour turnover, as well being able to compete quality wise with repeatable quality against Western foundries that is driving demand. The fact that 90% of PS Auto Grinding re- purchase after installing the first machine also continues to be a vital factor in our success.”