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Automatic fettling - Barinder Koyama K 500 TT XXL field tested at the Jura-Guss GmbH

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Jura Guss GmbH is an order related aluminium foundry with an own model and tool making as well as an own mechanical processing. The capacity reaches from prototype part(s) to small batches, medium and high volume. Among the customers are the well-known European automobile and commercial car manufacturers, the international mechanical engineering and the medicine techniques.This medium sized company, which is run by the owner, employs currently about 275 employees.

Furthermore the company is very active in the field of apprenticeship.
Since the beginning of 2014, an automatic Koyama K 500 TT XXL machine is in this operation for fettling castings  in the practical test, the management had issued following object guidelines:

  • Process Safety (zero-error principle)
  • Easy programming
  • Cost savings

According to the management, the machine runs fine for some time and met the expected tasks perfectly. "The programming for different components is actually operates as simple and easy as specified by the manufacturer, the staff need for proper operation no special programming skills. Thus, the Koyama range is also suitable for smaller quantities. The automated fettling offers advantages over the known hand fettling techniques that begins at the design of the workplace and goes to the reduced burden on the employee. " "We are on the right track" we are told by a satisfied management, the process safety is absolutely provided. Regarding the issue of the cost savings it was too early for a final costing, but anyway it seems quite clear,  that the output goals are achieved and for the future prospective the expansion of automatic fettling at Jura-Guss GmbH is conveivable.

Automatic fettling exemplary with a Koyama 500 TT XXL - Distribution: P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd.

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