Schmiedeberger Gießerei extends automatic casting finishing with Maus 900

High time savings, staff relief and an improved, reproducible grinding quality: The German foundry Schmiedeberger Gießerei already benefits from all these advantages with the first automatic grinding machine from Reichmann – and would like more of it. The combination of the Maus 600 with the new Maus 900 expands automatic casting finishing for the foundry's wide range of


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In August 2022, the German foundry Schmiedeberger Gießerei already made the first step into automatic casting finishing with the investment in the new automatic grinding center Maus 600 from Reichmann. Meanwhile, the Maus 600 is running constantly in 3-shift operation for diverse castings weighting up to 50 kg. Both the foundry staff as well as the management were directly convinced by the positive effects that the new machine offers them.

Perfect match: Maus 600 and 900 together cover the majority of the casting portfolio at Schmiedeberger Gießerei

With the installation of the bigger and more powerful Maus 900, Schmiedeberger Gießerei takes the next step into automation. The combination of the two machines Maus 600 and 900 is the ideal setup for the foundry. With both machines, approximately 80 percent of the current product portfolio with castings up to 250 kg can be processed automatically

"With the Maus 900 we create a smooth transition between our product range and benefit from even higher time savings and staff relief. As both machines are equipped with the same intuitive user interface, staff can also be flexibly deployed on both machines. This is how we ensure a high availability", says Dr. Uyma, Technical Manager at Schmiedeberger Gießerei.

Laser measurement system and Muzzi tool pallet guarantee highest processing quality

The Maus 900 with the powerful 26 kW drive spindle offers an even higher power density. It is equipped with the new optionally available laser measurement system, which automatically compensates for casting tolerances. This ensures a consistently high grinding quality without the need for reworking and a long service life of the tools.

Additionally, the Reichmann Maus machine line can work with the complete range of Muzzi diamond tools, provided by the grinding wheel sales partner c-Parts. Upon request, the tool range can be further expanded by additional customized tools of Muzzi or other producers. This makes automatic grinding particularly flexible and precise for the Schmiedeberger Gießerei, because for each casting the optimally suitable tool can be selected. With the convenient chuck, the tool can be changed easily and quickly. This allows the cycle time and the degree of completion to be further optimised and the service life of the tools to be increased.

"We are very pleased about the high acceptance and the successful integration of the Maus 600 and 900 machines at the Schmiedeberger Gießerei," says Rafael Dineiger, Sales Manager International at Reichmann & Sohn GmbH. "The flexible Maus machine line offers a particularly easy entry into automation. Foundries can use it to work faster and more efficiently, solve problems caused by staff shortages and high personnel costs, and thus increase profitability and competitiveness."

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