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In a market where speed and productivity of machine represents a primary advantage for the most modern foundries and where, to be competitive, everybody needs to reduce at minimum stops of machines, there is a very useful tool, for Customer and supplier, every day more diffused in Italy, but specially abroad with extremely good feedbacks, and is called Teleservice.

The system reduces significantly times and costs of technical interventions, giving the possibility to customer and supplier to have a control practically continuous and bilateral of the performances of the machine. To be able to take advantage of the system is necessary to connect in Company LAN (through ADSL) the PC with Ethernet (TCP/IP) or wireless or Wi-Fi. A good alternative of connection, in case of absence of company LAN, is represented by USB internet keys of mobile operators.

The internet assistance locations in Colosio are able to maintain multiple sessions thus provide support for multiple customers at the same time. The Colosio engineer, connected in teleservice to a machine, is able, from the head-quarters of the company, to view in real time the conditions of the machine through Supervisor and ONLINE control of the PLC software. The engineer can also force some particular conditions of the machine for check and resolution of anomalies, he can modify (both online or with files transfer) the PLC software or the Supervisor, he can implement special cycles requested by the customers, and so on, without useless intervention costs. In the case of malfunctions on the machine that repeat randomly and not in certain moments, it is possible to monitor the machine cycles for 24 consecutive hours, storing and analyzing full and detailed production reports.

Continuous monitoring allows then to have a clear idea of the machines behavior over multiple cycles and is therefore an important tool to assess their performance more thoroughly. By equipping the system with a webcam you can take advantage of audio and video, to resolve any anomalies. A strange noise in a part of the machine or during a phase of its cycle can in fact help our technicians to understand origin and cause of a problem and being able to view particular parts of the machine means that the engineer feels more "on site" avoiding technical explanations made by people who still know the machine less than a Colosio engineer. The software also has text chat, useful for communicating in case of high noise levels in the foundry.

The section devoted to transfer files, allows a direct exchange of data without resorting to e-mail attachments often too large to be sent traditionally.

In the light of what described is more easy and quick to understand the benefits of the system: many problems solved immediately without technical intervention, thereby reducing downtime and cancelling intervention costs, while for anomalies still requiring intervention the teleservice allows engineers to rule out some causes from the beginning focusing on the real discomfort and avoiding unnecessary waste of time in attempts occurred.

The basis of this service is collaboration and Colosio uses teleservice not only in case of malfunction but also as a means of exchanging data and experiences with its customers.

Assistance during the first setup of a new mould, optimization of cycle times (thanks to the integration of controls in the same control panel for machine, loader, sprayer and robot), development of new features of the machines: all in the name of the direct line between Colosio and the world of foundries.

The Colosio teleservice is the quickest and cheapest way to get an expert engineer always available for your production!