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Seven of the 10 Best Engines with KSPG content

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The US trade magazine Ward’s AutoWorldthis year and for the sixteenth time has announced its 10 Best Engines award for enginesthat set new benchmarks and are available on the US market. The award ceremony was held on January 16 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. As many as seven of the top ten come with KSPG AG components.

From among 40 engines available in the USA a jury of experts selected the ten best.  These included the Audi S5’s 3.0 Liter V6 engine. On this, KSPG supplies the  water recirculating pump, the connecting rod bearing shells, the thrust washers, and the tumble valve.

Three automakers received an award for several engine ranges. One of them: BMW. On the BMW 328i 2.0 T, KSPG supplies the crankshaft and collar bearings and the  electric divert-air valve for the turbocharger. KSPG also supplies the electric coolant  pump on the 135is 3.0L N55. Ford enginesare listed twice among the Top Ten. The Ford Shelby GT500 V8 88 has an electric coolant pump from KSPG and just as the Ford Focus St/Taurus 2.0T,pistons built by KSPG, and these are also featuredon the 3.6L V6 in the Pick-Up Pentastar Dodge Ram 1500.

For the third time running, the Cadillac ATS 2.0T 86.75 received an award. Its turbocharger has a charge-pressure valve and a bypass valve from KSPG. With sales of around €2.3 billion (some 11 percent to North American OEMs), the  KSPG Group ranks among the 100 biggest auto-industry suppliers worldwide. The  Group has over 30 production locations in Europe, North & South America, Japan,  India, and China. It employs a workforce of over 11,500 (of these about 1,700 in the  USA and Mexico). KSPG AG is the parent and flagshipcompany of the Automotive  sector of Germany’s Rheinmetall Group. The first-tier auto-industry supplier has been  operating on the international markets for more than a century and consists of the  following divisions: Hardparts, Mechatronics, and Motorservice.

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