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Multifunctional inoculant to produce centrifugal cast pipes

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The mold powder from ASK Chemicals Metallurgy is a multifunctional inoculant that has been specially developed for the requirements of the production of centrifugal cast pipes made of spheroidal graphite and lamellar graphite cast iron. In addition to the efficient separating effect, the product fulfills other important features and is also available in customer-specific formulations on request. 

The mold powder prevents or reduces wear on the water-cooled die molds. On the inside of the mold, the powder acts as a protective barrier against the hot melt, which extends the life of the mold. If the mold powder is used with very badly worn molds, increasing the addition rate can help to compensate for imperfections, avoid surface defects on the casting and ultimately reduce rework.

The excellent separating effect of the mold powder makes it much easier to draw the pipe and prevents the mold from being damaged by stuck cast parts.

Strong inoculation effect improves quality 
As inoculant experts, ASK Chemicals Metallurgy paid particular attention to the inoculation effect when formulating the product. The use of water-cooled die molds in centrifugal casting leads to the formation of undesirable carbides and, as a result, to an impairment of the mechanical properties of the final product and even to the cast iron pipes fracturing. The particularly strong inoculation effect of the mold powder from ASK Chemicals Metallurgy reduces the formation of carbides and leads to the targeted and desired structure formation.

“Our customers are using this product very successfully in the production of centrifugally cast pipes made of cast iron with spheroidal graphite or lamellar graphite,” explains Thomas Feichtner, Global Business Line Manager Metallurgy. “If necessary, our experienced metallurgists from technical service work together with the customer on-site to determine the best formulation of the mold powder for the specific application and individual circumstances.”