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PEP SET systems are appreciated by many foundries for their processing properties, very good casting results and high productivity. With the newly developed PEP SET SILVER, ASK Chemicals is now expanding its product range in the field of polyurethane no-bake technology with a new generation of PEP SET binders which allows a reduction of phenol and formaldehyde emissions without having to give up the advantages of casting technology. 

With the help of a new, cutting-edge production process, ASK Chemicals has succeeded in reducing the proportion of monomers in the formulation. In particular, the proportion of monomeric phenol was reduced by approximately 5 % to below 1.0 %. This improvement naturally also has a positive effect on the phenol concentration in the molding mixture and the regenerate as well as minimizing related odors.  

In practical application, the experts from ASK Chemicals were able to demonstrate impressively that PEP SET SILVER can be used to reduce the phenol concentration in reclaimed sand by more than 90 % (Fig. 1).  

The residual phenol content in the waste sand is also reduced, which, in addition to environmental benefits, is a clear plus for economic efficiency. A reclassification into a more favorable landfill class can help to expand the range of potential landfills and also save disposal costs. 

In addition to a reduction in monomeric phenol, ASK Chemicals' research and development has also succeeded in reducing the concentration of free formaldehyde, which is now below 0.1 %. 

PEP SET SILVER does not have to fear the comparison with conventional PEP SET binders. The environmentally friendly alternative offers equally excellent sand and casting properties, high reactivity and good strength when used with both new sand and regenerates. 

ASK Chemicals' sustainability approach has always been to reduce emissions of phenol, formaldehyde, VOC and aromatic hydrocarbons (BTX) while increasing the effectiveness of its products. "Innovative and sustainable products ensure the long-term competitiveness of a company," stresses Dr. Jens Müller, Executive Vice President Chemicals Division at ASK Chemicals. "PEP SET SILVER is an important addition to our no-bake segment, helping to improve environmental protection and occupational safety while delivering high efficiency."