StrikoWestofen Group: Green Technology offers greatest benefits

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StrikoWestofen Asia opens new company premises

A new head office for StrikoWestofen Asia: on 3 April, the new company premises of the StrikoWestofen Group (Gummersbach) were inaugurated at Taicang in China. The ceremony took place in the presence of leading politicians, business figures and experts. It became necessary to make the move and expand the capacities after sales in the Chinese markets increased by around 300 percent during a period of 18 months. “An increased environmental awareness in China and the efficiency of our melting and dosing systems are the keys to our above-average growth,” explains Rainer Erdmann, General Manager of StrikoWestofen in Asia. “In order to reach our customers even more rapidly and selectively, we have strategically expanded our sales network too.”

China is now seeing a growing awareness of the increasing air pollution caused by industry. During a party conference held at the beginning of March, the Chinese President Xi Jinping officially declared war on air pollution, urging his compatriots to use and develop efficient, low-pollution technologies. Energy- and resource-efficient melting and dosing solutions have enjoyed increasing popularity in the Asian markets since well before that date. From early 2013 until today, for example, StrikoWestofen was able to almost quadruple its order volume for StrikoMelter melting furnaces and Westomat dosing furnaces in the Asian markets. The necessary capacities are provided by new company premises at Taicang, approx. 50 kilometres to the northwest of Shanghai. It includes modern production facilities and provides plenty of space for the staff, which has now grown to 75 employees.

Prominent politicians and selective investments
In the course of the inauguration ceremony held on 3 April, Zhu Wan Li, Director of Taicang Economy Development, described the furnace technologies of StrikoWestofen as an important contribution to reduce the industrial impact on the environment. More than 350 guests from all over the globe were present including government representatives of the province of Jiangsu, the Deputy Consul General at the German Consulate General and members of the German Chamber of Commerce in China and the Chinese Die Cast Association. “The move and the modification work accompanying it were a real tour de force and that is true from a financial point of view too,” explains Rainer Erdmann, General Manager of StrikoWestofen in Asia. “In just six weeks, we have renovated and modified the premises for a total of approx. one million euro all without disturbing production.”

Success in all of Asia
The boom is showing no signs of ending at present: outside of China, too, StrikoWestofen has been able to access important key markets in Asia and extend its dealer network over the last few years. “Our new company location in Taicang is virtually the new production and logistics centre for the Asian markets,” Erdmann explains. “Our economical and energy-efficient products coupled with a high level of service are guarantees for success. Our well developed sales network is one of the success factors, and it covers all important industrial zones.”

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