Cast iron is obtained from natural raw materials. Finished cast products do not pollute the environment, nor do they emit harmful substances.

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Cast iron is made from up to 100% recycled material and is therefore fully reusable. Recycled cast iron thus flows back into the raw material cycle without material loss and is the base material for new products. Cast iron is highly resistant to most environmental influences. It is a solid and durable material, which in some cases lasts for centuries.

The reuse (recycling) of ductile cast iron is almost complete, as with steel. Apart from material losses due to wear and corrosion, all scrap (recycled material, chips, discarded components) is remelted. There is no "down-cycling", i.e. no loss of the good material properties. In fact, "up-cycling" is possible at any time, i.e., scrap with low strength can be used in the foundry to produce cast iron with spheroidal graphite of higher strength.*

Livarna Gorica d.o.o. is one of the foundries with the lowest emission levels in Europe. We carry out constant investments for energy saving (e.g. melting processes). At the same time, we operate a modern sand preparation system to reduce dust discharge. Our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability - documented with the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system. Efficient production, responsible raw material purchasing and environmentally sound logistics management are just as important to us as reliable customer service and the manufacture of high-quality products. The selection of modern and efficient equipment, the economical use of raw materials and the optimal operation of technology as well as the sensitization of our employees provide the foundation for the implementation of our goals.

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