The life of an old street cap from Magdeburg

Discover the story of a 200-year-old street cap from Magdeburg that has witnessed the city's evolution.

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There are many reasons why the use of castings in public areas is so attractive. Two aspects are certainly outstanding: Quality and sustainability, as the following example impressively shows.

This picture shows a surface box made of grey cast iron (from the Magdeburg area) for the house connection which has already been in use for over 150 years and which will be used for another 100 years. Visible is the durability and hard-wearing nature of surface boxes, which are subjected to constant pressure from various externalities (pedestrians, all kinds of vehicles and the weather). This 200 year old road cap has already experienced several wars, weather conditions and of course the passing of carriages, tanks and nowadays e-scotters.

The ZÜRN Group has been able to offer expertise in the field of casting and stainless steel for over 55 years. We as ZÜRN offer different possibilities of road caps DIN DVGW - height adjustable and rigid proven, TYP similar DIN optimised and TYP similar DIN, TELSTRA XL more border, more hold surface boxes.

Cast iron is also a 100% recyclable material with a lifelong durability. Our recycling can be understood as a responsible purchase of raw materials, following a cradle to cradle approach. This starts with the use of scrap and ends with the melting down of old products.­

About ZÜRN GmbH & Co. KG
The internationally active ZÜRN Group, headquartered in Oberhaching, was founded over 50 years ago as a trading company. The first own production facility was opened forty years ago at the Niederschönenfeld site. The production facility was continuously expanded and in the 1990s the stainless steel components segment (Zürn Metallwaren) was added.

The acquisition of an iron foundry in Nova Gorica, Slovenia in 1995 put the ZÜRN Group in a position to offer complete casting solutions from a single source. The synergy effect between trade, own production facilities and affiliated partner companies results in a cost-efficient and effective possibility for the production of cast products and cast components, machining, finishing and assembly of additional components on the casting (e.g. coating or connections with other materials) and own developments into complex cast component systems.

Our customers benefit in particular from our own development of complex cast component solutions, where we can draw on technical know-how with many years of experience and a globally operating network.


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