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TF 5700 - The alternative giant from ITALPRESSE

TF two-platen die casting machine without toggle lever

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor

Before it can really get going at ITALPRESSE in these times, the Covid-19 rapid test is due and when the company doctor gives the green light, the motto is: Have a negative test and a positive attitude.

The new TF 5700, the largest die-casting machine that ITALPRESSE has built in its 50-year history, is located in the production halls in Capriano, Italy. When all machine tests have been successfully completed, the machine is dismantled and made ready for dispatch to the customer.

The new TF 5700, "TF" stands for Toggle Free, ie without a toggle lever, looks as impressive as a machine that is designed for a clamping force of 5700 t and yet slimmer and more space-saving than comparable machines in this class.

As General Manager Mario Cincotta tells me, when developing the machine, the engineers put all areas of the process to the test in close cooperation with the customer and found strong, future-oriented solutions. With the toggle-free concept, you consciously want to get rid of all unnecessary ballast, save space and weight and focus only on productivity and added value.

The TF toggle free die casting machines are reliable, structurally rigid and operationally flexible and digitally equipped.

Reliable: the absence of the connecting rod system and the reaction platen makes the structure leaner, reducing the number of wear parts. 

Rigid: the bigger and shorter tie bars make the machine extremely rigid, ensuring greater die closure for improved casting quality and minimal scrap rate.

Flexible: thanks to 4 independent nuts, the TF die casting machine is able to compensate for geometrical imperfection of the die and its thermal expansion, adapting to different working conditions. 

Compact: reduced footprint with the same closing force as the die casting machines with toggle.

Quality: high quality machine construction, made of forged or cast steel platen with coating to increase hardness, and special steel alloy tie bars.

Precise: equipped with SC 3.0 shot end system to maintain absolute consistency and repeatability of the shot, ensuring highest quality of the casting.

The TF die casting machine can be supplied as an automated solution: a fully automated cell that integrates all peripheral devices, from the furnace to automatic deburring with pieces ready for machining.

The components of the new machine come mainly from domestic, European production and meet the highest requirements.

The TF 5700 from ITALPRESSE impresses with its high quality and reliability, economic efficiency, precise injection and exceptional user-friendliness and benefits from the many years of experience of ITALPRESSE and GAUSS. The very good cooperation with the customer makes it possible to venture into a new era of die casting with a tailor-made machine.

With the TF 5700 it will be possible in the future to manufacture structural cast parts made of aluminum for electric drives that can weigh up to 110kg and are manufactured on tools that are approximately 3.50 x 4.00 m in size.
Other possible uses in the automotive industry or in communication technology allow conclusions to be drawn that die casting machines of this class have their market and will be in greater demand in the future, whereby at ITALPRESSE great importance is attached to the fact that size alone is not the decisive factor.



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