The Unveiling of the new Norican Changzhou Manufacturing Center

Grand opening of Hanjiang plant to further support the smart manufacturing of China industry

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Recently, Norican Group, the world's leading provider of parts formation and surface preparation technologies, held the grand opening ceremony of its Changzhou Hanjiang Plant. This move means that all of Norican Group China’s R&D and production facilities are gathered in Changzhou. The unremitting effort to present Norican’s integrated manufacturing and R&D center in Changzhou exhibits another milestone of Norican Group’s development in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Through three years of R&D and supply chain integration, Norican Group, consisting of four major brands, namely DISA, Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator, has now developed a complete manufacturing center in Changzhou, China. It leverages the available resources to provide a one-stop solution for foundry, and starts a new chapter for the smart manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific region represented by China.

As China's pillar industry, the manufacturing industry affects production and development of the national economy. Thus, foundry plays an overwhelming role in the manufacturing industry. With increasing foundry output and continuous development of foundry technologies, high-precision and automated foundry machinery becomes more popular. The die casting industry tends to embrace one-stop efficient service. Norican Changzhou manufacturing center, through this expansion, integrates R&D, design and production of four brands, thereby speeding up Norican Group's supply chain integration and improving operational efficiency.

Optimize collaboration and integrate brand strength

Apart from the pursuit of technology and product innovation, the die casting industry also values energy conservation, environmental protection and lightweight manufacturing. In order to create a modern manufacturing model featuring environmental friendliness and resource efficiency, Hanjiang Plant becomes an indispensable part of Norican's overall layout in the Asia-Pacific region. Such move will help to speed up the integration of Norican Group's supply chain, and improve operation efficiency and flexibility, thereby better coordinating production among four brands. Norican’s manufacturing center commenced operation in 1997, gradually producing more products. After Hanjiang Plant officially opens, Changzhou manufacturing center has a total of 20,000 sq.m factory building, covering leading products and solutions through melting, dosing and die-casting to surface preparation. To build on the collaborative design and transnational technology transfer among R&D centers, Norican continuously improves its product R&D capabilities and technological content, ready to put on the market more environment friendly and smarter products.

Industry 4.0 - Best local choice
As a leading global technology provider, Norican strives to become a brand of choice for Chinese customers. With customers' increasingly demanding requirements for the quality of die casting products, Norican focuses more on the needs of customized and personalized products and services. Norican’s Asia-Pacific after-sales service team keeps close communication with customers and provides a seamless 24/7 one-stop service, making sure the equipment always in optimal condition. Norican Group is ready to help customers improve production efficiency, enhance product quality and reduce resource consumption, presenting a safe, efficient, digital and smart factory.

Norican always believes that application of digital and smart technologies to metal foundry will be an epoch-making change. Therefore, in recent years, Norican has spared no effort to invest in Industry 4.0 solutions, covering remote support, data aquisition, visualization and analysis service. Today, Norican’s digital solution, Monitizier® I PRESCRIBE has also been officially launched. As the first authentic artificial intelligence solution for foundry, it will help customers gain real production benefits, cut cost, and improve quality.

Baohua Wei, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific Region, Norican Group, said: "In recent years, China has emerged as a development hub for the world's manufacturing industry, and boasts the technology, equipment and supporting industrial chain ready for die casting development. With the continuously stable development of cars, communication equipment and electric machinery, future development of China’s die-casting industry shall be very promising. Norican Group has been attaching great importance to localization. The opening of the Hanjiang Plant marks the successful completion of Norican Group China’s research and development, and supply chain integration. Over 300 Chinese employees of Norican Group are ready for the stronger Norican Changzhou manufacturing center. Norican Group, a century-old brand, will continuously make innovation and explore needs of Chinese market. To drive growth through innovation, Norican will team up with our partners to usher in a promising digital future."

The milestone cemenomy has been marked by a number of celebrities, including Norican’s respected customers, partners and colleagues. Besides, Norican also hosted a technical exchange panel meeting with customers and arranged plant visit. Apart from sharing its deep industry insight, Norican Group vividly showcased the leading industry solutions and outstanding strength of its four brands.

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